Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So, what's up with us??

Well, since you asked, not much! Danielle has joined Odyssey of the Mind and has had her first meeting, Scott is taking his annual art class in the city and is drawing even better than ever. I plan on taking a picture of one cartoon he did in class that had me laughing very hard when I saw it Saturday when I picked him up.

Chris was accepted to Kettering University this week! His Mom and I are very proud! He will start in July of next year with the co-op program. On the more mundane side, Christopher's car had the wires on the engine eaten through for the second time at my house. I paid this time and the guy at the service center said they get a lot of vehicles from September to December that around for a few days and have this happen. I told Chris from now on if he is not using his car all weekend when he is at my house to leave it garaged at his mom;s since I can't make room in my second stall for his car, plus there is no opener. If it happens again he gets to pay!

And me? Still enjoying a crushing workload at work...not much more to say for myself, other than loving every moment I get to spend with the kids. I'm getting by, not really happy, but not really sad, so, for me that is OK. I have been enjoying the new Season of Doctor Who and Heros and Jerhico to name a few of my favorite shows.

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