Monday, November 30, 2009

Six Truths of Life

Six Truths of Life **

1. You cannot touch all your top teeth with your tongue.

2. All idiots, after reading the first truth, will try it.

3. And discover that The first truth is a lie and
feel superior because they can do it.

4. You're smiling now because you're an idiot

5. You soon will forward this to another idiot.

6. There's still a stupid smile on your face.

I apologize about this.

I found out that I was an idiot too and I needed company....

** Thanks to my friend Barry for sending this Gem my way!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott

It seems like just yesterday I was at the hospital the day after thanksgiving awaiting the birth of my second child. Today he is 18! We had a nice day together. We all went and saw 2012 and then had dinner at Olive Garden.

Later he and I played a couple of campaigns of Left 4 Dead 2, and we also watched tv in between him working one of his flash projects.

I can't put into words just how happy it made me to be able to spend so much time with him on his 18th birthday.

I will say it was the best day of my week off!

Happy Birthday Scott! Remember now matter where your life takes you down the road or how old you are, I'm always here for you.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Picture Of The Day 11/28/09

No my friends, it's not the prelude to the Zombie Apocalypse, but, it certainly looks like it could be. What's unusual about these shots taken outside my home was it was a sunny morning around 9:30 but the fog was so thick as to be surrealistic. I really like these shots though I must admit it was eerie being outside while taking them. Note all can be viewed in a larger size by clicking on them.

Friday, November 27, 2009

CajunGrocer Turducken Was a Real Turkey.

For thanksgiving I ordered a Turducken with pork sausage stuffing from

Since more than a few people wanted to hear how it was, I decided to do a CajunGrocer Turducken Review......and here it is.

The Turducken was easy to prepare and I used a meat thermometer to insure it was cooked in accordance to the directions on the package since their web site's instructions differed from the instructions on the Turducken package itself.

Eight of us dined on this yesterday. As side dishes I made corn bread, biscuits, peas, onions, broccoli & cauliflower in cheese sauce, and corn. Of course there was jellied cranberry sauce.

Before I go into detail I can sum up my feelings in one sentence: I must say after shelling out over $80 for the Turducken and shipping from CajunGrocer that it was quite a disappointment.

Now, after making such a statement here's the reasons why.

The stuffing was just totally inedible, no one liked it and it resembled in appearance, taste, and texture nothing in the way of any stuffing I had eaten over the years. Heck, a box of Stove Top Stuffing would have been far, far tastier. The comment was made it looked like canned dog food when it was on the plate which everyone agreed to and got a good laugh from.

The duck was another sore point. Out of 8 of us only one person enjoyed the duck, the rest of us thought it tasted bad. I've had duck in the past and liked it, but this was just so gamy tasting that I could not eat more than a bite.

Even my gravy, made from the pan drippings was off and this was noted by my dinner guests who normally rave over my gravy on Thanksgiving.

On the plus side the Turkey and chicken were quite good and fortunately there was enough of that for us all to have a hearty meal thanks to the side dishes, but we all agreed that one of my regular stuffed Butterball turkeys with my cornbread and pork sausage stuffing would have made for a much better centerpiece of our Thanksgiving meal. It would also have cost less. We all really missed having stuffing with our Thanksgiving dinner!

I did not go into this purchase blind. I did a lot of research before settling on CajunGrocer. One thing that swayed me in their direction was that on the website is a re-print several years back from the Wall Street Journal proclaiming that of the brands tested their Turducken was the best, and delicious. I can only conclude that their quality has gone downhill since that was printed.

It was nice to try something new, but between the inedible stuffing, the overly gammy duck (I've had duck before that did not taste as strong as this did), couple with the high cost made this a very disappointing purchase for me and one that will not be repeated.

So, my opinion is that this Turducken was a real Turkey!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Picture Of The Day 11/25/09

So, above is a picture of the items (except the Turducken of course which sits in the fridge, nearly thawed) for Thanksgiving dinner. Look at the picture, and tell me what item is missing to prepare one of the other items I bought. You can click on the picture above to open a larger version in a new browser window.

Note the X cannot play, as she knows already.

Winner is welcome to stop by for a slice of Turducken! See disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: If you opt to stop by for a slice of Turducken it should be after 3 PM EST. While this offer is extended it is not to be taken as a guarantee that there will actually be any Turducken left depending on your arrival time or the ravenous hunger of my dinner guests. Cost of transportation must be borne by the winner. We cannot be held responsible if the Turducken makes you sick or has any other affects such as halitosis, body odor, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, fever, chills, palpitations, ringing in the ears, double or blurry vision, the heartbreak of psoriasis, psychosis, bloating, excretion of methane gas, visions of the undead, the ability to talk to visions of the undead, twitching, itching, a rash, speaking in tongues, the growth of a third eye, causing zombies to roam free, or the earth to spin out of its orbit and spiral into the sun killing all of humanity just because YOU wanted a slice of Turducken!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Picture Of The Day 11/22/09

Actually, it's Pictures Of The Day today, I shot several of the same Sunset and could not choose between these two finalists, so, I decided to just post both of them. Enjoy!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

We're in the Holiday season and frankly I'm a bit blue because of it. Since I don't anticipate a lot of posting in the coming weeks other than my Picture Of The Day posts, I thought I'd go into a bit of explanation for those who might wonder why I may seem a bit distant and why I'm not online a lot these days.

Christmas Eve 2000

Growing up we were in the lower middle class bracket. We lived on the second worse street of a pretty affluent town. While we did not want for for simple good food or clothes, though I often wore hand-me-downs, there were not a lot of luxuries because money was always tight. My Dad took a second full time job around the holidays, I found out years later, just so my parents could afford Christmas presents for my brother and I. Christmas as kid, then growing up before and after having my own kids, it was always something special, magical, and just the best of times.

Danielle, Scott, and Chris on Christmas Morning 2000

We started our own tradition with the kids for Christmas. Christmas Eve the three of them would get new pajamas and a Christmas book which we would read a story out of after they we in there new Jammie's before they went to bed.

Starting in 2000 for four years each Christmas I would make and give away on the internet a Christmas Screen Saver for the PC. These took months to create in my spare time. I watched Christmas specials in the middle of July off of video tape and in later years DVDs. I just really loved Christmas.

In fact I truly loved the Holiday season starting with Halloween and stretching through New Years. Since the divorce, it's just not been the same. I don't have the creative spark to do the Screen Savers. Thinking about doing it seems like such a massive effort and before it was effortless. The first holiday season was a real struggle to get through but that year and subsequent years I did my best to try and make the kids holidays happy and I found joy in their happiness. It really refined in me the spirit of giving, and I truly believe it is better to give than to receive. So, most years I've hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for the kids, the X, and her parents, I give money to charities around the holidays as well which brings the holiday to others. This does make me feel good for those I am helping.

For me though this year, now that the kids are older and have less child-like joy with it, and even my daughter is distancing herself from us, there's not that much magic to be had as I really loved their love of it. Sometimes I think nowadays for them it's an occasion to get some gifts and not much else. January can't come soon enough.

Yes, I know, I'm like Charlie Brown; the only person who can take a wonderful season like Christmas and turn it into a problem. Wow, A Charlie Brown Christmas! I love that cartoon! I used to watch that special every year with my brother since it first aired until we moved to Michigan. I watch it every year though.

Anyway, thanks for listening.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Militants Take Manhattan

Sunday Morning.... So, there I was locked up in the stockade of the underground militant group I am a part of. I've been accused of cowardice and dereliction of duty, and what they have planned for me in reprisals does not sound pretty at all! I've professed my innocence and had plenty of my fellows backing me up, but, as I've pissed off the right hand man of the Commandant my fate is pretty much sealed.

I am therefor quite surprised when the camp Commandant comes over to the stockade and lets me know that he's heard a lot of unsolicited testimony on my behalf and has decided to let the fates decide my fate!

I am given a paintball gun and told all I must do to win my freedom is succeed in a little war game. I must cross the football field sized area between the stockade and the rail yard and rescue the hostage from one of the many train cars therein. Here's the twist; while I will have a paint gun the 25 or so men of our regiment participating in the exercise will have live ammo. If I tag one of them with a paintball, they will be out of the war game.

The Commandant seems to take some delight in telling me this was his right hand man's idea and he also picked those participating. He also mentions, though I have no idea why, that all the lab animals which include some rats, mice, and cats, are going to be euthanized later this evening.

Without further adieu the Commandant extends his arm into the air and fires his pistol. "GO!" he shouts and pushes me out onto what could easily become the killing field! Expecting to be cut down within my first steps I take off. Shots immediately ring out and I am narrowly missed multiple times as evidenced by impacts in the ground around me. Trying to shield my eyes against the spray of dirt and gravel being kicked up by the incoming shots I am also returning fire as I run madly towards the train cars in the distance.

I am a machine! Moving swiftly and sinuously I am able with shot after shot to take down the majority of my attackers without sustaining a single injury though many shots come close!! No matter how I am approached, no matter how quick the attack, and am always able to get a shot off and stop my attacker!

Panting with effort, my face stung with fragments of rocks from the near misses, I manage to make it to the train yard and begin scurrying between the lines of train cars looking for the car that contains the hostage. I pause for a moment leaning against a passenger car to try and catch my breath. Feeling the hairs on the back of my neck sticking up I drop the ground a split second before a round of bullets throws up sparks as they impact into the side of the train car that I had been standing against. I sprint off and spy (with my little eye?) a car surrounded by guards. I manage to sneak under the car, use the trapdoor on the bottom to gain access, and free the hostage!

I have made it! Shots are being fired madly in the air by my friends in the regiment who did not participate and I can hear them cheering outside! The Commandant tells me I am free to go or stay with the regiment. Some of the others are heading off to the local bar and invite me along. As we are heading off, the Commandant calls after me "Remember the lab animals!"

I am now in some darkly lit business area looking for the bar. My fellows have vanished, and I hear the sound of laughter and clinking glasses ahead. I am drawn to the noise and enter the bar, which has a sign next to the door picturing a mouse, rat, and cat with sad eyes looking at you, with the caption "Remember the Lab Animals Die Tonight!".

I am very disturbed by this news, and after a few drinks decide to do something about it. I head back to the military compound which is now dark and seemingly deserted except for a lone guard or two patrolling, By timing their rounds I am able to easily infiltrate the lab area. There are easily 100 animals. They all appear to be clean and healthy. I begin opening the cages and I hear a familiar voice say "I'm so glad you came to help!"

I look over and discover Kermit the Frog is talking to me. Looking back at the cages I see while some of the animals appear the same, some are now comical Muppets! Kermit and I lead them out of the complex and all of a sudden we are in a run down area of (yes, I hate to say it) Manhattan. "We have to find a place for everyone!" exclaims Kermit! We approach an old brownstone apartment building. Inside it is clearly run down and dilapidated, but it is sound as far as having a roof over ones head. The animals all begin cavorting around. I hear a squeaky noise down near my feet and an adorable (real, now Muppet) little white mouse looks up at me and says "Thank you for helping us!"

At that moment a New York City Police Officer bursts in and demands to know what we are doing there! I show him my underground (go figure!) militant ID and state I am going to buy the place for my friends. He thanks me for his time and takes his leave amidst much cheering and applause by the assorted animals.

I turn to Kermit and ask how this whole thing started. "That's easy!" hey says and claps his flippers together. Now, everything is gone and Kermit and I are in some very ritzy house, and I am saying farewell to someone who I evidently care for (but have never seen before). It's evident to me that she cares for me as well and we are both crying. With tears streaming down her face so proclaims that she understands how I must save the animals that have been sent for lab testing, but she cannot come with me. I kiss her goodbye, and turn to leave. I take a single step and . . . . .

I awake. After rising I spent some time and reflect how this has to be one of the strangest dreams I have ever had in my life! Obviously the military aspect is from playing way too much Borderlands this past week, and I of course love the Muppets and my favorite Muppet movie has always been "The Muppets Take Manhattan". The girl obviously symbolizes my lost love. What a dream this was to start off my Sunday with! What a way these elements combined into one dream!

Go figure!

Picture Of The Day 11/03/09

This morning on the way to work. I thought the power pole made a nice contrast against the sunrise.