Friday, November 27, 2009

CajunGrocer Turducken Was a Real Turkey.

For thanksgiving I ordered a Turducken with pork sausage stuffing from

Since more than a few people wanted to hear how it was, I decided to do a CajunGrocer Turducken Review......and here it is.

The Turducken was easy to prepare and I used a meat thermometer to insure it was cooked in accordance to the directions on the package since their web site's instructions differed from the instructions on the Turducken package itself.

Eight of us dined on this yesterday. As side dishes I made corn bread, biscuits, peas, onions, broccoli & cauliflower in cheese sauce, and corn. Of course there was jellied cranberry sauce.

Before I go into detail I can sum up my feelings in one sentence: I must say after shelling out over $80 for the Turducken and shipping from CajunGrocer that it was quite a disappointment.

Now, after making such a statement here's the reasons why.

The stuffing was just totally inedible, no one liked it and it resembled in appearance, taste, and texture nothing in the way of any stuffing I had eaten over the years. Heck, a box of Stove Top Stuffing would have been far, far tastier. The comment was made it looked like canned dog food when it was on the plate which everyone agreed to and got a good laugh from.

The duck was another sore point. Out of 8 of us only one person enjoyed the duck, the rest of us thought it tasted bad. I've had duck in the past and liked it, but this was just so gamy tasting that I could not eat more than a bite.

Even my gravy, made from the pan drippings was off and this was noted by my dinner guests who normally rave over my gravy on Thanksgiving.

On the plus side the Turkey and chicken were quite good and fortunately there was enough of that for us all to have a hearty meal thanks to the side dishes, but we all agreed that one of my regular stuffed Butterball turkeys with my cornbread and pork sausage stuffing would have made for a much better centerpiece of our Thanksgiving meal. It would also have cost less. We all really missed having stuffing with our Thanksgiving dinner!

I did not go into this purchase blind. I did a lot of research before settling on CajunGrocer. One thing that swayed me in their direction was that on the website is a re-print several years back from the Wall Street Journal proclaiming that of the brands tested their Turducken was the best, and delicious. I can only conclude that their quality has gone downhill since that was printed.

It was nice to try something new, but between the inedible stuffing, the overly gammy duck (I've had duck before that did not taste as strong as this did), couple with the high cost made this a very disappointing purchase for me and one that will not be repeated.

So, my opinion is that this Turducken was a real Turkey!


David Louis Harter said...


YIKES! I am displeased to hear the tale of the turducken! That is really a great surprise, since I had also thought CajunGrocer was the best source--based on my research.

Happy Black Friday!

- David

Barry said...

Hi Chris!

Sorry to read your Thanksgiving dinner was a real -- uhh -- turkey. Maybe the item missing in your picture contest was a barf bag!!

...Some time during the week before Thanksgiving on a local daily talk show one of the guests was the chef from a local bed and breakfast, featuring Turducken for their Thanksgiving guests. I hope their experience was a lot better than you and your guests had!

Chris said...

Barry and David - Words cannot (well, maybe they can!) express how disappointed I was. At least there was enough chicken and turkey, but we all really missed having stuffing with our dinner!

The stuffing truly looked like it came from a can!

Anonymous said...

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- Thomas

Anonymous said...

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Chris said...

Anonymous, thanks for the kind words.