Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scott at School

So, in spite of feeling bad over the weekend and bad on Tuesday, Scott went to school yesterday morning and while dizzy and headachy was holding his own until he tried to go from his wheelchair to use the bathroom and fell ending up with a face full of tile which ended his trip to school. I feel so bad for him, yet I am so proud of him trying to attend school, and was very impressed this morning when he went back! While I do not know if he will make the whole day I am very impressed that he is trying so hard.

His mom talked to his guidance counselor this morning, provided Scott catches up on his homework and makes up some quizzes, they are going to stagger his final exams so he only has to take one a day, and later in the day since he has so much trouble getting going in the morning; we are hopeful he can still pass 10th grade this year!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's wrong with the meat at McDonalds and Burger King?

Tails Kitty is a most discriminating eater; she knows what she likes! For canned food, she will only eat the most expensive Sheba brand which costs twice as much as the others and looks like whole shredded meat. I have literally tried every brand of wet food and she only likes the Sheba.

Cats and Dogs all beg while their human subjects dine at the table; Tails is no exception and of course we occasionally feed her something from our meals.

The kids and I have dined on assorted fast and home cooked fare. Tails will NOT eat Burger King or McDonald's Chicken or beef; turns her nose up at it and sometimes performs the ultimate kitty insult; she goes through the scratching motions on the floor next to it like she makes in her litter box while covering up to say this without offending...uh..yes...her solid waste!

She will eat Wendy's though or any chicken or beef I prepare at home. She's been offered Burger King and McDonald's Chicken and beef many times; even if her bowl is empty and she's obviously hungry, evidenced by standing next to her bowl meowing, she will not eat them!

So, what is it she smells in them? What really makes me fear what she might be smelling is that on one occasion Tails had thrown up a little, and, as some animals will do, went back to it and tried to (eeewwwww!!!) eat some of the chunks, so, WHAT THE HECK IS IN THE MEAT FROM Burger King and McDonald's that Tails, not matter how hungry she gets, she will not touch though she will eat her own regurgitated food??

Be afraid! Be VERY afraid!!!

Scott Update - May 28th

As I mentioned yesterday Scott's headaches returned with a vengeance over the weekend along with nausea; His mom contacted his pediatrician yesterday and they are working on the details to send him down to the University of Michigan Medical Center which is 125 miles from here. We should hear in a day or so about the details. For those wondering why this hospital, it's one of the 10 best hospitals in America.

While still dizzy, Scott felt well enough to go to school this morning though he was only there a couple of hours; he fell in the bathroom and bashed his nose, so he's back at my house now with me. I feel so frustrated right now.......sigh!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scott Update May 27th

Last week Scott had gone to School around 1PM on Thursday to attend a couple of classes and an after school club. He made it through OK but was very tired when I picked him up,

This weekend his headaches began getting worse, and now he has nausea as well. His Mom called the Doctor this morning to have them compile everything that he was tested for while he was in the hospital, and we will be asking them questions of specific conditions we have found via research or friends inputs that they did not test for.

In addition, we're talking about a second opinion through the other primary heath system here in Michigan (There are two primary health services here and my insurance is taken by both.)

Scott had wanted to go to school this morning but his mom reported he was in no shape to do so with the headache and nausea. It will be telling to see if he improves any after this afternoon's session at the Chiropractor.

I am consumed with worry and last night I barely slept at all. I am sure the X is beside herself as well.

Cook With Fire Followup

For those who were waiting with bated breath, as mentioned in my previous Cook With Fire post I did end up making the burgers with chopped onions and diced turkey bacon. They were just so incredible! The turkey bacon added some amazing taste and made the burgers even juicier than usual! I am thinking, though it will be extra work, next time to crisp the diced turkey bacon in a frying pan before adding it to the ground beef. I would probably season the bacon with Red Monkey BBQ Spice seasoning because this really adds a nice flavor to pan fried turkey bacon.

I also learned a new thing about my gas grill. If I shut it off by closing the valve on the tank, when I go back to fire it up next time the grill flames will be very low in spite of what the burner controls are on. With them burning low like this I have to shut the burners off, then the valve on the tank, and then reverse this procedure to be able to raise the flames higher.

Hey, is that bated or baited breath? The former I hope for the latter makes me thing of talking with people who have been munching from a chum bucket and boy howdy that would not be pleasant!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cook With Fire

The one time I left the house yesterday was to procure food for Tails and I. I went to Forest Hills Foods and picked up the ingredients for burgers.

Using 92% lean ground beef (why would anyone use ground turkey for a burger with this available) I mixed a dash of sea salt, some freshly ground black pepper, and chopped white onion into the meat.

I then grilled them and put them on high fiber low calorie bread with a slice of Kraft Fat Free Cheddar.

They were delicious, needing no condiments to enhance the taste.

On the way back from getting my keyboard this morning I swung by Forest Hills Foods again. Once this post is completed, I will make a slight variation on yesterday's burgers. I will chop several slices of turkey bacon, and add that to the simple recipe I used yesterday.

I salivate in anticipation! As I have often said, some of the simplest things are the best; if you like onion and you have never made burgers with copped onion mixed in with the meat, it is a must try!

Computer Stuff

My Microsoft Elite Bluetooth keyboard has fallen one too many times off the back of the couch as I had mentioned previously.

So, for a bit over a week now I have been using the dinky little RF keyboard that comes with the HP Z565 system; not something I would want to do on a regular basis!

I also still had that annoying problem where media center would not load on the PC and the screen would just go black. I can't tell you how much time I spent into that one, talking to three vendors, trying my own ways to fix it, and resulting to a lot of the technical forums out on the Internet. No luck!

Yesterday my friend David e-mailed me to tell me about SP1 for Windows Vista and the dramatic performance improvements he had on his laptop after installing it. That made me think about SP3 for Windows XP which has been out for a few weeks. So, yesterday, I decided to install it.

SURPRISE! Yay!! Good News! Media Center now starts up! reinstalling SP2 did NOT fix my media center issues, so I was really, really pleased.

SURPRISE! Arrrgh!! Bad News! Sound was no longer being carried via the HDMI cable back to my AV receiver!!!! After pondering this and checking some things within windows, which thought there was no problem whatsoever, I went under audio properties and chose Test Hardware. I heard some clicks and pops and after the conclusion of the 5 minute test sound was restored and worked through a reboot; being paranoid, I checked media center which still ran!

So, yesterday I thought about going out and getting a keyboard, I have been researching this most of the week. I was just too blue yesterday, and basically took a day off, staying in with Tails, playing games, listening to Music, and watching TV as much as I could get away with.

Today I was feeling a bit better so I headed over to Best Buy and picked up a Logitech wireless Wave keyboard which I am very happy with! One unexpected benefit, the sleep key works both for putting the computer into standby mode, and waking it up! With the Microsoft keyboard there was no way to turn the PC on without walking across the room and hitting the power button. A picture of the wired version of the keyboard is shown below; other than the wireless functionality the keyboards look identical.

A blow for laziness has been struck!

Scott Update

After three visits Scott has been showing some small measurable improvement via the computers the chiropractor uses for adjustment, and his headaches are a bit less. He says he's a bit less dizzy though he is not walking any better yet.

The three doctors at the Chiropractor's office are recommending 70 visits for adjustments as follows:

3 visits a week for four months
1 visit a week for 2 months
2 visits a month for 7 months

My health plan only pays for 12 visits in a calendar year and only covers 50% of the $50 fee. However you can't put a cost on this if it helps Scott.

In addition, over the duration of the adjustment visits Scott also needs 70 trigger point massage sessions. Scott, his mom, and I will be taking classes in June to learn how to do this part of his therapy. This will save us over $500. Even with this there is still going be quite a bit of out of pocket costs because this trigger point massage is an extra cost each time so the 58 adjustment payments will still have to be taken care of.

I may need some additional visits to my chiropractor for my back; the wheelchair is not light and getting it in and out of the small trunk of the Mustang is a chore. I doubt I will exceed my 12 visits at least!

The Chiropractor will be re-evaluating Scott every 12 visits. Scott's mood fluctuates between OK and very sad. Mood wise, I guess the same can be said for his mom and I too. This is a very rough time for us, the stress is affecting us all and it's causing my blood sugar to be higher...I'm probably going to have to go back to the doctor if I don't get that under control via stress management and some additional time on the exercise bike. I think the last time I was this down was right after the divorce.....sigh.

Since Scott is pretty secure in his wheelchair and is going stir crazy, he has asked since there are only three weeks of school left for the year that he return to school possibly after Memorial day. Since the school has agreed we have agreed so long as he feels up to it; he tires very quickly these days. His mom or I must drive him both ways since he can't take his wheelchair on the school bus. This means the days I have to take him I have to leave work an hour early to pick him up him or arrive an hour late if dropping him off. I figure I'll make this time up working from home and working through lunch most days. His mom pretty much sets her own schedule though it will impact some of her appointments and time she is supposed to be in the showroom.

The chiropractor is past his school so Scott's appointments will be scheduled for a half hour after he is picked up.

We're still looking into other possibilities for Scott's issues. I've been researching a number of conditions people have told me about. Another ping in the pocketbook; after finding out that the psychiatrist that the hospital recommended for him is out of plan and would cost us about $200/visit we have asked to be referred in plan. Considering how upset Scott gets at times over his issues now, and considering that the hospital is not going to take his problem as something other than psychological without these session, we figure it can't hurt, particularly if Scott is not walking better by the end of his first month's treatment at the chiropractor.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scott Update - May 22, 2008

Other than the acquisition of Scott's wheelchair, nothing much to report; he's feeling a bit better but he's just as unsteady on his feet. The other night even supporting himself on both opposing walls of my narrow hallway, he went down. Fortunately he was close enough to one wall to lean against it as he fell so he did not get hurt.

Yesterday his grandparents took him to one of his appointments, and he has now seen the chiropractor twice, with his next visit tomorrow. They were there when I arrived home yesterday to await the delivery of the wheelchair. They were wonderful and did some cleanup and pruning of my front gardens and hauled away the debris we bagged since my trash company won't take it unless you subscribe to their lawn and garden debris pickup service.

We are researching via the Internet other possible causes for his condition.

Overall his mood has been good, but Monday night he was in tears thinking he might have a brain tumor or cancer, or something else that was horrible. Typical teenager attention span in the sense that he was told in the hospital and in his initial examination at the chiropractor that the MRI, CAT scan, and other tests he had showed it was none of these things. He was quite upset and his mood has his ups and downs. He feels guilty he is causing all this worry and work over him and I reaffirmed that he should not feel this way. It's not his fault and we are there for him.

Today he is going to try and sit in a class or two at school. This means that he and his wheelchair have to be taken there and picked up. In the Mustang this is quite interesting, when I picked him up at an appointment yesterday afternoon I had to fold the back seats down, and I had already emptied the trunk of everything except a can of fix a flat. With the size and weight and of the wheelchair and my bad back It still was quite the struggle to get the wheelchair in. Making a poor situation worse is that since the back seats are down I can only have myself, Scott, and the wheelchair in the car, there is no room for my daughter to sit and have a seat belt. For the first time since acquiring my beloved Mustang, which I have wanted since I was a teenager, I am regretting having chosen it as my vehicle.

At least when I removed the wheelchair, which came out far easier than it went in, I observed the placement of it in the trunk. I think I may have a way to place it in, using the reverse of the removal process I used yesterday.

The kids have no school tomorrow, so both will be home. I will be working from home in the afternoon.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Scott and the Chiropractor Part Deux

Scott has his first treatment session with the chiropractor today; they use computerized feedback equipment utilizing technology developed by NASA. Most impressive over the manual adjusting my chiropractor uses. The computer showed that Scott had several areas from his neck all the way down to his tailbone that were out of whack. AT one point when they were working the spine down by the tail bone he jumped which I could not help but chuckle at; he got his revenge shortly thereafter.

He'll be going for three visits a week and while they say results will not be overnight, the areas affected in his neck are the ones that can cause dizziness and headaches. Scott had a headache going in, but he said it was noticeably better after treatment, and double doses of extra strength Tylenol have been ineffective in dealing with this.

I told Scott this was encouraging news and shows there is physical evidence here to support his problem, and we'll see how things go moving forward. I got him Wendy's for lunch, where I had fun chasing a $10 bill across the drive through lanes as it blew out of my hand when attempting to pay for my order! I am sure Scott was laughing at the site of his portly old man running across the parking lot chasing that $10.

While there is no guarantee this chiropractic treatment will help his dizziness, I feel based on the information we have that its beneficial to proceed, while exploring other options as well.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

In Memory of Speedy

You have to be a pet person to feel the sense of loss of a pet. Today Danielle's dwarf hamster, Speedy, passed away. It was Danielle's first pet that was hers, and that she was responsible for.

I told her about it this morning, she cried a little bit but then seemed OK for the rest of the day. I queried the X and she said Danielle had not been spending too much time with Speedy lately, another thing she has outgrown I guess. I remember how much she wanted her own pet and how many times she asked before the X agreed, and before we got Tails, I remember the ritual of bringing Speedy to my house whenever Danielle was going to be here. Kids grow up too fast.....

The X buried Speedy next to Chocolate, Scott's first Guinea Pig in her backyard. So, Speedy is in good company.

Enjoy that Great Big Exercise Wheel in the Sky Speedy!

August 28, 2006 to May 18th, 2008

Those with the greatest awareness have the greatest nightmares.

I'm walking from the living room of the New Jersey house I grew up in towards the front hallway and stairs. Walking with me is my boss; she sounds like my boss but strangely does not look like her. She is talking excitedly about a new process they will implement at work. We walk down the stairs together but when I get to the door that exits to the front porch, her voice fades with an echo and I am alone.

I hear voices and commotion outside, so I open the door and the flashing lights of an ambulance greet me. Lying in front of me on two gurneys while the EMT's stand about doing nothing are my brother and my Uncle Sal. They are both dying.

My father, who is not sick or using an oxygen tank is slapping my uncle on the face repeatedly while sobbing "Don't die Sal, don't die!" Tears are rolling down his cheeks and I too begin crying. My brother weakly opens his eyes and calls my name; I gather him up and hug him fiercely. We are both sobbing and telling each other how much we love the other. I hear flatline tones from both monitors, and they are gone. I am stunned and....

I awaken with a start, badly shaken and arise early (for a non-work day) at 7AM; there could be no return to slumber after such an experience! Two hours and a shopping trip for the Sunday 'Cooking with Fire' ritual I have on my weekends with the kids later, I am somewhat more composed, but still shaken by this horrible dream which felt so very real.

Perhaps this post's title, a quote that I borrowed from Indian Philosopher Mahatma Gandhi, is true or perhaps I just have a lot on my mind. I certainly feel better than I did last night when I posted near the midnight hour. I hope Scott, whose sole dialog with me last evening was to request some soup and later a bowl of M&M's, is in a better frame of mind today. It is a bright sunny day and I like to believe such days are filled with promise!

Oh, another curious thing about this dream is that my Uncle Sal has been dead a number of years......

Note - Just as I was finishing this up the X called. Danielle's pet hamster Speedy passed away...I told Danielle who is upset....Speedy was her first pet. It's also overcast now. So much for the bright promise of the day...sigh!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Midnight Madness

Midnight approaches and I've just done three posts about Scott. What a rough two weeks this has been on all of us, I just feel emotionally wrung out and hung up to dry. I feel like crap.

I talked to my sister in law today and my brother, for whatever reason, evidently had not given her a lot of details of Scott's condition, so I caught her up. I also called my Dad who I deliberately did not tell that Scott was hospitalized because with his condition steadily declining I did not want him fixating on that and worrying. He is not doing well at all, even with the oxygen he is getting out of breath just going across the room at his small apartment and he sounded winded just trying to have a normal conversation.

It just seems like everything has turned to crap since the divorce. I hate when I feel like this, perhaps some sleep will put me in a better frame of mind for tomorrow.

Thanks for 'listening', at least 'talking' about it when I feel this way helps a little bit.

Scott and the Walker

I'll make this one somewhat short because it put a pall over the day and upset Scott, his Mom, and I. Scott wanted to go to the movies with some of his friends. I thought this was just flat out crazy myself! Anyway his Mom arranged the loan of one of these walkers that old folks use with the four big wheels. a seat, and handbrakes and went out of her way to drop it off here. Scott did not like it, unlike the wheelchair this made him very self conscious, plus he was not really all that steady on it. He insisted that he could go without it and his friends would help him, his Mom and I basically said no because, one he would not use the walker, and two it was just not safe. He can barely walk a couple of steps without stumbling and he just does not seem to grasp this when he wants to do something. So, he retreated to his room after yelling at me and stayed in there for almost two hours, and then pretty much stayed away from me most of the say. Later in the evening he asked me to make him soup which I did.

I feel really bad for him; I understand he is upset and wants to do normal things, but, I will not let him jeopardize himself. It really put a cloud over the rest of the day, particularly after how well the mall trip went. I think if this condition persists much longer I am going to have to acquire a wheelchair.

Scott and the Mall

Scott asked if there was anyway we could get a wheel chair and take him to the mall Saturday. I checked online and the local mall does do wheelchair loaners so today around lunch time we headed over to the woodland mall. I pulled up to the door and slowly Danielle walked her brother to one of the benches right by the door while I parked the car. As I arrived at the bench Scott remarked it was starting to rain so I walked him inside and he and Danielle sat at one of the tables in the food court while I went to get a wheelchair.

The mall, while nice to loan these out for free also wins one of my "What a stupid thing to do!" awards because the information both is in the exact center of the mall, and equal distance down two corridors from any door in the mall. Hello! So you have to walk all the way in, get the wheelchair, and wheel it empty back to whatever door you came in, and when you are ready to go you get to do the opposite of this. Would it not have made sense to put the wheelchair and stroller loaners by one of the freaking doors? Anyway I got plenty of exercise wheeling Scott and the chair around. We had lunch at the food court, I some wings from Wing Heaven and Scott and Danielle food from the Chinese place.

While I finished my wings they said they would slowly start heading down towards the stores Scott wanted to go to, since it takes him awhile to roll the chair using the two big wheels which he wanted to do. I completed eating and headed after them, and when I hit the main corridor they were no where to be found. I called Scott's cell only to find they were a whole corridor past the information booth so I hurried down there and admonished them for being so far away. Scott blamed his sister saying she took control of the chair and wheeled him there. I used my mall gift card Mom and Dad had given me two Christmases past and bought two new books in the Deathlands series, some Archie double digests, and a book for Danielle. I have been saying I would take the card to the mall every time we went but awhile back I had put it in my wallet.

We got pretzels for a treat and headed to their Mom's house so they could pick up their items for the week.

Scott and the Chiropractor

We spent about an hour and a half at the chiropractor Friday; they gave Scott a full going over, doing all sorts of physical tests of his balance, range of motion, spinal alignment, etc.. To make a long story short he has some issues in his neck which may or may not be the cause of his issues. They also mentioned a rare physical issue that can cause the problems he is having, I'll get them to write down the name of it Monday when I take Scott back for his next appointment. Scott seemed encouraged by the news that there were some physical abnormalities detected. I think with all the doctors telling him this was in his head he was starting to believe them and perhaps doubt himself.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Scott Update May 16th

Scott is going to see a Chiropractor this afternoon. With my bad back and pinched nerves I a firm believer in Chiropractic therapy and so is the X wife, so we figure, what can it hurt? I will post later today or over the weekend regarding what the Chiropractor has to say.

Mother's Day (May 11)

I had written most of this on Mothers Day and finished it up last night. Adjust and day reference to last Sunday, May 11.

Friday Christopher came to visit. We had planned on dinner and then watching last week's and this week's episode of Doctor Who. I made a modified version of the BK Bacon Breakfast Wrap alternative, adding Turkey Sausage (thanks Brian for the suggestion) and some Jalapeno cheese. They were very good. As Chris started eating his I told him "You can go get the Mayo, I won't be offended" and that's just what he did. He enjoys Mayo on almost anything.

Time to watch TV, but alas! My AT&T DVR was not being cooperative; I've already had one service call on this and I ended up placing another one. We had tried to start up the recording of last week's Doctor Who it would not play anything and then froze. A reboot (multiple reboots) did not help (it finally came up but reported it had no hard disk installed) so I placed a tech support call. 20 minutes later I had an appointment for a tech to visit the house on Mother's Day. Chris and I watched Bender's Big Score, the first Futurama movie that followed up the series which had been cancelled two years ago. This was the third time seeing it and it was quite enjoyable.

Chris departed, and I ended up watching the current Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica episodes off of live TV so I would not miss them.

A few more reboots and the DVR once again showed recorded content so I stayed up until about 2AM going through first run shows since I knew there was a strong chance the unit would be replaced Sunday.

Saturday I arose about 8:30 and over the course of the day did several loads of wash, cleaned the kitchen and dining room, worked on some issues on my computer (finally interfacing the dock for my Kodak Z1275 camera, and updating the bluetooth software for my bluetooth equipped USB hub), a session on the e-bike, web surfing, interacting with Tails, took a trip to Forest Hills Foods for some staple items (Salad Dressing and beverages for Sunday's dinner) and some cleaning supplies, and continuing the watching of recorded material on my DVR. I went to bed around 1AM. The cleaning tasks were because the X, her parents, and the kids were coming for Mother's Day. The dining room table was lots of fun, it has a tiled surface and the cracks between the tiles were, how should I put this delicately, less than clean.

Sunday I arose a bit after 8AM and headed down to Forest Hills Foods to acquire the perishable items for dinner. I lucked out and found 8 NY Strip steaks in two family packs. These family packs as I have mentioned before are a bargain when available and come in at almost half off buying the same item from the meat counter. I also shucked and bagged 8 gorgeous ears of corn, and bought onions and mushrooms, baked beans, apple sauce, and a cake (chocolate layer with creamed filling and Oreo cookies and crumbs on top) for dessert. Since apple juice was on same for 4 bottles for $5, I also picked those up since Scott drinks AJ as his primary beverage choice.

I headed back home, unloaded the car, and alternately spent some time on the PC, some time watching items on the DVR, doing some additional cleaning, repairing a wobbly leg on one of the dining room table's chairs, setting the dining room table for dinner, and an e-bike ride. Just as I was finishing this up and ready for a shower the AT&T tech called saying he was on his way. So, no shower for Chris (and I needed one!)

I took the steaks from the fridge and trimmed the fat off them and then put them to marinate in olive oil, chopped onion, black pepper, and just a bit of chili powder. Since the X's mom was coming and she is allergic to Garlic, I could not use my preferred Montreal Steak Seasoning. I put the steaks in the fridge and then make a nice salad which was covered with plastic and returned to the fridge.

It was almost an hour before the AT&T guy showed up, and Tails was fascinated by him, giving plenty of attention, rolling on his laptop, and following him anywhere he went in the house. I have never seen her so affectionate to a stranger and surmised he must be a good guy,

While Drew, the tech, was working the X and the three kids arrived, followed shortly by her parents. I saved her Dad a trip to the store when I overheard her asking about him getting her some coffee, by surprising them with all the materials needed to fulfill such a request.

Drew was having trouble getting the new DVR to function, and we delayed putting the steaks on for about 45 minutes until the DVR authorized and we verified all was working. He departed, the steaks were cooked (to perfection!) and we sat down to enjoy NY Strip steaks, salad, corn on the cob, baked beans, applesauce, and my own sauteed onions and mushrooms to use as steak toppings.

After dinner I discovered the DVR was not working right again, and left a message for Drew. Cards were given to the X and Mom, and various discussions between adults occurred, Danielle had her mom listening to music from her iPod; they each wore one of the ear buds, and the boys played video games.

Around 4 PM we sat down to desert which consisted of the cake I had bought, and a chocolate pudding cake grandma had thoughtfully provided.

The X had a customer to visit so everyone departed around 5PM.

Around 8PM Drew called me back, and I told him the DVR began working OK shortly after I left the message. He stopped by anyway to place a filter pack between the DVR and residential gateway as another tech had told him this often eliminated many spurious issues with the DVR. He also stressed I should call his direct line if I had other issues, since he and his manager could get tickets in quicker than calling tech support, and he was often in the area. Tails was right in her assessment of Drew, he is good people.

After Drew departed I enjoyed a long overdue shower and spent the remainder of the evening watching TV before an early bedtime of 10:30.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scott Comes Home

So, after four days in the hospital, Scott is released today feeling no better, and suffering from headaches on top of the dizziness for the past couple of days. Last night the headaches were so painful he was brought to tears from it.

Because the MRI showed nothing they are leaning back towards the physiological cause mindset even though the staff psychologist did not think these excessive symptoms were caused by stress. Now we have to take him to see a psychologist, and the earliest that will happen because of referrals and such is sometime next week. Because the hospital is recommending this we have to use their service, so, instead of being able to go to the medical professional building right across the street from my house we have to travel to/from the city for every appointment.

Meanwhile, Scott is very distressed about his dizziness and not being able to go to school and see his friends. We also have to make arrangements now for a home bound program from the school in an attempt to insure Scott passes 10th grade.

Scott says the only thing really bothering him a lot right now is the dizziness and the inability of the doctors to find anything wrong.

Debby (The X) and I are very concerned for our son and what the future holds. Please hold him in your thoughts and prayers going forward!

Laughter is the best medicine

Thanks Barry for sending this my way; this story made me laugh heartily this morning so I had to share it since I have not had much to laugh at this week.

A 5 year olds first job...

Here's a truly heartwarming story about the bond formed between a little 5-year-old girl and some construction workers that will make you believe that we all can make a difference when we give a child the gift of our time.

A young family moved into a house, next to a vacant lot. One day, a construction crew began to build a house on the empty lot. The 5-year-old daughter of the young family naturally took an interest in the goings-on and spent much of each day observing the workers.

Eventually the construction crew, all of them 'gems-in-the-rough,' more or less, adopted her as a kind of project mascot. They chatted with her during coffee and lunch breaks and gave her little jobs to do here and there to make her feel important. At the end of the first week, they even presented her with a pay envelope containing ten dollars.

The little girl took this home to her mother who suggested that she take her ten dollars 'pay' she'd received to the bank the next day to start a savings account. When the girl and her mom got to the bank, the teller was equally impressed and asked the little girl how she had come by her very own pay check at such a young age. The little girl proudly replied, 'I worked last week with a real construction crew building the new house next door to us.'

'Oh my goodness gracious,' said the teller, 'and will you be working on the house again this week, too?'

The little girl replied, 'I will, if those assholes at Home Depot would ever deliver the f _ ckin' sheet rock.'

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scott Update - May 14th

Other than Scott having an MRI later today, no new news. He's still having trouble walking...and he really wants to come home.

The hospital is complex is quite large spanning multiple city blocks; it and the surrounding roads are under massive construction which makes it quite the adventure. Monday when I went down Scott was in the emergency room, parking was attached and very easy. It was a 10 minute walk last yesterday from the parking building to his room which required three different elevator rides, traversing many corridors and one large staircase.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Scott Update

Not much to say, Scott has seen more doctors including a psychologist in case it was stress related; she does not think it is so it looks like an MRI will be next. As I am writing this on my iPod Touuch at the hospital this will be a short post.

Scott is in the Hospital

Scott was sent to the hospital by his doctor today for some tests. He ended up being admitted several hours later. All we've determined at this point after numerous tests and examination by assorted different doctors and three nurses is that 16 year olds and their parents get easily agitated after watching the same physical examination performed and the same questions asked over and over.....don't these folks share their notes??

There was a minor abnormality on his cat scan but the consensus is this is not causing his issue.

Anyway, he has more tests and specialists and a neurologist seeing him tomorrow.

I am very distressed! The house is empty and lonely and I doubt sleep will come easy this morning.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Scott not doing any better

It's been a week now since Scott was first feeling dizzy and light headed. He was unable to go to school this morning and his mom took him back to the doctor this morning. The doctor sent them down to the hospital to see a specialist. They are concerned he may have an inflammation of the cerebellum or some other issues so an MRI, Cat Scan, and possibility a spinal tap will be done this afternoon.

Please keep Scott in your hopes and prayers! I am most concerned and distressed!

Friday, May 09, 2008

The week in Review

It has been a long week and it along with last weekend, is all kind of blurred together at this point, so here's a summary I've been keeping during the week. It's a long rambling summary with bold titles for each section.

A visit to Damnation County
Over the weekend, the most notable point was picking Scott up Saturday night from a friends house in what I now like to call damnation county.

He and a gal pal were dropped off at the movies and I told him to call me by 10PM if he was going to be later. He had alluded to the fact he would not need a ride home. So, around 10:45 when I noticed I had not heard from him I rang his cell. Yes, of course he needed a ride, could I come and get him, no he had no idea where he was. So, a friend read off the address which I did not recognize and then I asked for the zip. As soon as the last 3 digits were read off, which were different from mine, I knew he was nowhere close by. I mapped it, called him back mentioning i was not pleased by the fact that he was two counties away, and headed out.

Fortunately I had the presence of mind to take the GPS with me. As I got further from home and entered areas I ad never driven though the GPS saved me as the turnoffs I had to make from the main road were in totally dark areas with signs that would not have been readable without a quartz halogen lantern! Street lighting was non-existent here.

So, thanks to the GPS I found the large culdesac with about 8 houses, none of which you could read the street numbers on, and called his cell again.

"What house are you in?" I asked. "I dunno"was the laconic reply. Is it a big house, what color is it, was it close to the connecting street or near the end? "I dunno" again came the reply.

Meanwhile, one of the houses had illuminated and people were looking out and pointing at the car. I called Scott back and told him to hurry, and soon a bit down the street the massive garage door (by far the biggest one of all the house), on the furthest house in, with by far the longest driveway opened. I queried him as to how he could not have noticed any of those unique features compared to the other house?

Wait for it.......

"I dunno" was the reply followed by a request to take two of his other friends home with us.......after dropping them off I mentioned how this had best not happen again stressing he needs permission to lave the county we live in let alone be two county's away.

With the price of gas being what it is I used up a whole weeks worth in one trip. Oh, did I mention it was also raining? That added even more joy to it......anyway, it least I now what what lies down the road from the driver training school, I tell you what!

The only other thing that stands out about the weekend was the steak dinner Sunday. Forest Hills food had some excellent Delmonico steaks int he family value packs and the corn on the con, unlike the previous weeks pitiful offering of tiny ears with tiny kernels, were large and sweet. We had a most excellent meal indeed with the steaks seasons with pepper, dried onion, and garlic.

Don't Bug Me
A humorous note the X stopped by to watch Supernatural which I download off the Internet, she screeched at one point as a small black spider was spied on the couch by her. She is powerless where spiders are concerned; so I jumped up and crashed it in an empty bag from some low carb crisps. I teased her and said it's not that big and then pretended to reach in and toss the dead bug at her. She screamed at the top of her lungs startling Scott, and making Danielle, who was in her room doing homework, come running! Scott and I though that was hilarious. At this point I inverted the bag so the dead bug was trapped underneath and then, pretended to show her the bug by saying "Look! It was not that big anyway!" and opening the bag right by her face. She launched upwards and the kids and I had another laugh.......teasing the X about spiders is a long standing tradition that has lasted longer than our marriage did!

Sick kids through the week
Scott and Daniele were sick Monday, so I worked in the office until lunch time and then worked from home the rest of the day. I made a large batch of homemade chicken soup for an early dinner with lots of chicken in it, which the kids really enjoyed.

Danielle went back to school Tuesday but Scott, suffering from dizziness and vertigo stayed home again so I did the same thing at work.

Wednesday, I was feeling like crap, but I drove the kids to school because while Scott was feeling somewhat better I did not want him to have to ride the buss. I returned home and did half a days work and napped half the day.

I picked Scott up at school a bit after 5 (he had swing, did not dance but wanted to be with his friends) and we stopped on the way home to pickup Chinese food for him and Danielle while I went into Forest Hills Foods to get some items to make wraps for myself.

Thursday I took Scott to the Doctor's because he was worse and stayed home again and was very dizzy. They checked him for mono, strep, and some other items and concluded that it is most likely viral, though they warned to keep a close watch on his temperature because these symptoms could be indicative of meningitis. One humorous note when Scott was being examines as she went down the list of symptoms she was querying him for she was using the stereoscope to listen to his heart and lungs and she queried him: "Cough?" and Scott did his best to do so; the doctor and I both enjoyed a laugh at this.,

Thursday evening we watched the last episode of Scrubs....a show we all enjoy which NBC in their infinite wisdom has chosen to cancel.

Friday Scott stayed home again, I made arrangements to pickup his weeks homework after school today and came home half a day surprising him with some Burger King for lunch. He had his usual chicken tenders, fries, and a vanilla shake which of course he dipped his chicken and fries into.

True Lies
Danielle boldly and blatantly lied to me the other day after school. Even after giving her an out she did not back down, and while I will not go into details other than to say she lost her computer privileges for the entire afternoon and evening, it was most disturbing and depressing. We have always taught the kids to stand tall and tell the truth even if it means they might get into some trouble. I explained this again and mentioned how sad I was. I also told her since she could not be truthful for the right reasons that next time the punishment would be doubled! The sad thing was it was not really any big thing to be lying about!

Lunch on the Roof
Another notable tidbit this week was taking my lunch break yesterday on the roof of my house. I set my work IM away message to

"Taking lunch on the roof of my house - YOU figure it out"

and I got my ladder out of the garage. it's one of the four piece kind you can make into shapes, such as a U for example. I set it as a single straight ladder which barely reached tot he peak of the garage roof and I ascended to the top so I could remove the LMB from the Dish Network dish. Along with the receivers which I had boxed up for return you have to send the LMB. So, with instructions, pliers, and a screwdriver in hand up I went. Precariously perched I managed to dismantle the LMB assembly and disconnect all three cables to it.

I climbed down and packed up the LMB and also scored for my parts bin three coax cable extensions and three 6 foot coax cables. After work from home was over for the day I drove over to The UPS Store and sent the equipment on its way back to Dish Network.

In closing, that about covers it. I hope Scott feels better soon and this is not something more serious than a viral infection. he has already fallen down several times this week while trying to walk, it is most distressing. I will be heading off to school a little later to pickup his weeks assignments so he has something to occupy his weekend!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Link of the Day:
Send Your Name to the moon!

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter website has a unique offer; send your name to the moon! Names will be collected and placed onboard the LRO spacecraft for its historic mission bringing NASA back to the moon. And you'll be able to download and print a certificate showcasing your support of the mission:

Click picture for a larger version

According to NASA, The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is the first mission in NASA's Vision for Space Exploration, a plan to return to the moon and then to travel to Mars and beyond. LRO will launch in late 2008 with the objectives to finding safe landing sites, locate potential resources, characterize the radiation environment, and demonstrate new technology.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Music Video of the Day
Manic Monday by The Bangles

Music Video of the Day!

Something new here on my blog, a Music Video of the day, which I'll do whenever I have the mind to.....I am sure it won't be every day!

Feel free to let me know what you like or don't like!