Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scott and the Mall

Scott asked if there was anyway we could get a wheel chair and take him to the mall Saturday. I checked online and the local mall does do wheelchair loaners so today around lunch time we headed over to the woodland mall. I pulled up to the door and slowly Danielle walked her brother to one of the benches right by the door while I parked the car. As I arrived at the bench Scott remarked it was starting to rain so I walked him inside and he and Danielle sat at one of the tables in the food court while I went to get a wheelchair.

The mall, while nice to loan these out for free also wins one of my "What a stupid thing to do!" awards because the information both is in the exact center of the mall, and equal distance down two corridors from any door in the mall. Hello! So you have to walk all the way in, get the wheelchair, and wheel it empty back to whatever door you came in, and when you are ready to go you get to do the opposite of this. Would it not have made sense to put the wheelchair and stroller loaners by one of the freaking doors? Anyway I got plenty of exercise wheeling Scott and the chair around. We had lunch at the food court, I some wings from Wing Heaven and Scott and Danielle food from the Chinese place.

While I finished my wings they said they would slowly start heading down towards the stores Scott wanted to go to, since it takes him awhile to roll the chair using the two big wheels which he wanted to do. I completed eating and headed after them, and when I hit the main corridor they were no where to be found. I called Scott's cell only to find they were a whole corridor past the information booth so I hurried down there and admonished them for being so far away. Scott blamed his sister saying she took control of the chair and wheeled him there. I used my mall gift card Mom and Dad had given me two Christmases past and bought two new books in the Deathlands series, some Archie double digests, and a book for Danielle. I have been saying I would take the card to the mall every time we went but awhile back I had put it in my wallet.

We got pretzels for a treat and headed to their Mom's house so they could pick up their items for the week.

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