Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cook With Fire Followup

For those who were waiting with bated breath, as mentioned in my previous Cook With Fire post I did end up making the burgers with chopped onions and diced turkey bacon. They were just so incredible! The turkey bacon added some amazing taste and made the burgers even juicier than usual! I am thinking, though it will be extra work, next time to crisp the diced turkey bacon in a frying pan before adding it to the ground beef. I would probably season the bacon with Red Monkey BBQ Spice seasoning because this really adds a nice flavor to pan fried turkey bacon.

I also learned a new thing about my gas grill. If I shut it off by closing the valve on the tank, when I go back to fire it up next time the grill flames will be very low in spite of what the burner controls are on. With them burning low like this I have to shut the burners off, then the valve on the tank, and then reverse this procedure to be able to raise the flames higher.

Hey, is that bated or baited breath? The former I hope for the latter makes me thing of talking with people who have been munching from a chum bucket and boy howdy that would not be pleasant!

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