Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scott Comes Home

So, after four days in the hospital, Scott is released today feeling no better, and suffering from headaches on top of the dizziness for the past couple of days. Last night the headaches were so painful he was brought to tears from it.

Because the MRI showed nothing they are leaning back towards the physiological cause mindset even though the staff psychologist did not think these excessive symptoms were caused by stress. Now we have to take him to see a psychologist, and the earliest that will happen because of referrals and such is sometime next week. Because the hospital is recommending this we have to use their service, so, instead of being able to go to the medical professional building right across the street from my house we have to travel to/from the city for every appointment.

Meanwhile, Scott is very distressed about his dizziness and not being able to go to school and see his friends. We also have to make arrangements now for a home bound program from the school in an attempt to insure Scott passes 10th grade.

Scott says the only thing really bothering him a lot right now is the dizziness and the inability of the doctors to find anything wrong.

Debby (The X) and I are very concerned for our son and what the future holds. Please hold him in your thoughts and prayers going forward!


Bev from PA said...

Dizziness and headaches which make him cry. Gee have they considered the common, and I know from my brothers, very intense migraine issue? I used to get migraines one of which sent me to hospital I was in so much pain. I know of people who are incapacitated by the things. Or food allergies or tons of stuff won't show up on expensive machinery. Oh well just my long arm guess from here in PA. I am thinking of Scott and your whole family through this ordeal. Hugs from Bev in PA

David Louis Harter said...


I pray for Scott's full and speedy recovery.

- David

Chris said...

Thanks, Beth and David!