Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scott and the Walker

I'll make this one somewhat short because it put a pall over the day and upset Scott, his Mom, and I. Scott wanted to go to the movies with some of his friends. I thought this was just flat out crazy myself! Anyway his Mom arranged the loan of one of these walkers that old folks use with the four big wheels. a seat, and handbrakes and went out of her way to drop it off here. Scott did not like it, unlike the wheelchair this made him very self conscious, plus he was not really all that steady on it. He insisted that he could go without it and his friends would help him, his Mom and I basically said no because, one he would not use the walker, and two it was just not safe. He can barely walk a couple of steps without stumbling and he just does not seem to grasp this when he wants to do something. So, he retreated to his room after yelling at me and stayed in there for almost two hours, and then pretty much stayed away from me most of the say. Later in the evening he asked me to make him soup which I did.

I feel really bad for him; I understand he is upset and wants to do normal things, but, I will not let him jeopardize himself. It really put a cloud over the rest of the day, particularly after how well the mall trip went. I think if this condition persists much longer I am going to have to acquire a wheelchair.

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