Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cook With Fire

The one time I left the house yesterday was to procure food for Tails and I. I went to Forest Hills Foods and picked up the ingredients for burgers.

Using 92% lean ground beef (why would anyone use ground turkey for a burger with this available) I mixed a dash of sea salt, some freshly ground black pepper, and chopped white onion into the meat.

I then grilled them and put them on high fiber low calorie bread with a slice of Kraft Fat Free Cheddar.

They were delicious, needing no condiments to enhance the taste.

On the way back from getting my keyboard this morning I swung by Forest Hills Foods again. Once this post is completed, I will make a slight variation on yesterday's burgers. I will chop several slices of turkey bacon, and add that to the simple recipe I used yesterday.

I salivate in anticipation! As I have often said, some of the simplest things are the best; if you like onion and you have never made burgers with copped onion mixed in with the meat, it is a must try!

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