Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream (Weirdly!)

I had such a weird dream last night I could not resist posting it.

It started off with me hanging out with a woman named Donna who worked where I worked at CONRAC before we became Smiths Industries, and later she worked for me. This was back in Florham Park New Jersey. So, in this dream I am hanging out with her and her husband who I never met in real life. In real life he is named Chris, and in the dream he was no one I ever remember seeing.

We were having a great time sharing some drinks, laughing, and talking about old times.

That in itself was weird, because Donna and I never were friendly and rarely talked outside the job specifics. She was a hard worker and really knew her stuff, but, that was it. No 'old times' to talk of for sure!

So, as I said the three of us were having a good time and I realized it was late and that it was time for me to head home. They asked if they could come too. "We'll have a sleep over!" they declared! "Call your wife and ask if it's OK!!" So, I called Debby, not remembering in the dream that we are divorced and asked her. She said fine, and we headed over to my dream house as it were.

The house was no house Debby and I ever lived in...and then all of a sudden Donna and her husband Chris were gone and Debby and were alone in the dimly lit bedroom.

OK, time out here all of you who have your mind in the gutter, expecting some king of mad sex scene between me and the X wife! Take a deep breath or a cold shower. It just ain't going to happen! This is a blog that kids read for goodness sake!!!

And in reality, while I do dream of her on a regular basis, and while I still do have feelings for her, strangely enough my dreams of her have never gone down that road before.....go figure! The dreams are usually very mundane where she and I along with the three kids are together as a family, happily doing things together. In almost all of them I do not remember we are married, and afterward I am always a little blue upon waking. In this case, as you'll read below, I was just flabbergasted!

So, in the bedroom Debby was going through a box of my dad's stuff that I brought back from NJ last summer after he passed away. She reached in and came out with a pair of boxer shorts.

"What the hell are you going to do with your father's shorts?" She asked. I explained I was going to use it as a skirt for a lamp to diffuse the light and make it more subdued.

"That's just stupid!" she said. "How will you be able to turn it on and off then?"

I replied with "You could reach through the fly for that!"

She laughed mightily at that, and then said there was no way we'd have a lamp like that in our house and she threw the pair of shorts in the garbage.

At the point the dream shifted and I moved onto another weird dream that did not feature anyone I knew....and as I only remember fragments......my story ends there.

My reaction when I woke was what the heck is up with that????


David Louis Harter said...


That is a wild dream! I like it!

- David

Barry said...

It's times like this when people tell me about their dreams I'm glad I don't remember mine! ...Reach through the fly to turn on and off -- sounds rather Freudian to me!! (laff)

Chris said...

You know what is weird here. I was going through a bag of items that I brought back from my Dad's, and there mixed in the towels was a pair of his boxers! I packed that bag myself and would swear it was only some nice nearly new towels.

Hmmm, now all I need is a suitable lamp!