Saturday, June 06, 2009

Mr. Chris and The Fast Internet Connection

If you did not read this morning's post prior to this one, you need to stop reading this post and scroll down and read it! Yes, now, do it now!!

So, Bob the tech from AT&T arrived right on time around noon which was yet another surprise with AT&T service. The first thing he did was replace the Residential Gateway which means all wireless devices in the house have to be reconnected and I had to add my WEP key to it.....a minor pain and one I would not mind if it fixed the problem. It did not, speed was still terrible.

He went about his work for well over an hour and having tested the line was seeing a lot of noise and cross talk on it but could see no reason why. Finally, after installation of a noise filter did nothing to help the situation he called it into his boss and they had to pass it on to the next team.

Oh great, I thought to myself, I may have gotten lucky thus far today, but there is NO WAY the the AT&T SWAT team, the creme de la creme of mobile support, is going to be able to make it here today!!!

YES WAY! I was informed they should be here later today. So, I was able to spend 75 minutes on the exercise bike, do some minor cleaning, and just as I was getting ready to head to the store the bell rang. It was Tim from AT&T. He was going to be testing the line and this would take all my services down.

So with Tim working outside I went and did my shopping, came home, made a batch of my spicy ranch flavored salad dressing (about 25 calories a bottle), and put some chicken in to marinate for tomorrow's grilling. I also put some shredded potato and sliced onion in the oven to bake. Once they were done I made an omelet with them and some eggbeaters, seasoning only with black pepper and smoked Paprika. I then melted some Kraft fat free cheese on top once it was done. It was quite delicious.

I was nearly done with my dinner when Tim reported the line going from the house to the street had been in bad shape and he replaced it. This visit took about two hours, and, I asked him to wait so I could check all was well. I booted up and was pleased to find my 6 mbps service restored to full speed, and I envision the problems I had been having with my HD TV service, such as freezes and drop outs, would surely be fixed as well. As he put it, the signal is now screaming wall to wall into your house.

What an amazing day at the hands of AT&T U-Verse tech support! All positive and not at all like previous encounters I have had with them. Maybe, just maybe mind you, they are actually starting to listen to feedback.

Or maybe the earth is in line with Venus or something today, who knows? Maybe it is all just a dream like the very weird ones I had last night........


Barry said...

Horray!! Perhaps send a "great job!" to the AT&T crew to show your appreciation. Hopefully they get it (or at a pat on the back from their boss) and it makes their day just as it did your's.

Chris said...

Barry - I have yet to deal with AT&T support on any level where the have not contacted me within a few days for feedback on mu customer service experience. I plan to give all three tiers of support glowing praise.....I hate to say it I think this will be the first time I had anything good to say about a service call with AT&T and here I am with praise for three!