Friday, February 26, 2010

Always Keep The Warranty
My Positive Experience
with Delta Faucets

About five year ago when I moved into this house after the divorce, I bought a lot of items to furnish my new home. I kept the receipts and warranty info for everything.

Last week the Delta Faucets chromed finish shower massage unit I bought to replace the aged shower head in my bathroom started having issues. The chrome wrapping on the flexible hose began unwrapping at the end the the hand held shower head, and since then it has developed a leak which will only get worse. Considering this unit has been used virtually every day of those five years, and sometimes more than once a day, I certainly think I got more than my money's worth of use from it.

I was going to go out and get a replacement but then I recalled that unit had a warranty so I went through my rather unique (don't ask) filing system and found it.

It was a lifetime warranty! I went to the Delta Faucets website and entered an inquiry into their customer feedback form on late on Wednesday, this morning I found a response that a replacement unit was on it's way!! The site had stated they would usually respond within two business days, and they easily met that commitment. Another plus for them in my book.

Talk about service! Great service! No hassle whatsoever, about 5 minutes of my time online was all it took to get a replacement sent. This type of excellent service is something that in this day and age happens way too infrequently in my book!

So, the next time you need anything that Delta Faucets sells, buy that brand!

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Chris said...

As a follow up the new (and improved model!) shower head showed up about 10 days later and is working fine.