Saturday, November 13, 2010

Picture Of The Day 11/13/10

From the local Meijer earlier this week. Halloween barely over and the
freaking Christmas decorations are out already.


Steve from NJ said...


I sympathize with all the techno-drama. My 7.5 year old computer lacked the memory to support the latest virus scan installation, with the result that the installation ran at 100% CPU time forever. After many adventures at local stores and on my new home LAN, I finally got something running that preserved all my old files, emails, and internet sites (I won't mention the cost here, but the time investment is similar to yours).
Things aren't anything as simple as they used to be!

Steve from NJ said...

I forgot to add (please append this to the previous comment if you publish it):

My father was a manager in a department store (Rockaway Sales) for many years, and the shopping season only began the day after Thanksgiving. Because of the econony these days, the shopping season can begin as early as mid-October these days.

All this fuss about the greetings has to do with ignoring how long the shopping season has become. I remember I was in the local grocery store the first week of October and saw a "Holiday Turkey Roasting Pan" on sale. I always bake a turkey for Columbus Day!

While the shopping season was intense for everyone who worked at the store, it only lasted for 5 weeks (including the "Midnight Maddness" sales). At the end of it I can remember all the store employees at the edgeof exhustation and the shelves in the toy department being virtually bare. But these days there's a big push to start selling before the leaves turn.

It's a sad comment, indeed. I can tell you how much I agree: Do you know what it was like listening to the "oldies" radio statio 2 years ago when they started the Christmas music in _early October_? There's only so many playings of "Santa Baby" I can stand before I turn off the radio until December 26th.

And just to put things in perspective aboyut all the arguments, I recall the wonderfull song "White Christmas" was originally in a film called "Holiday Inn". If people didn't start putting up decorations in September, we wouldn't be feeling the way you wrote about at this point in the Fall.