Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Sponsored A Child

One of my Pet Peeves on Facebook is people that post about bad/sad things like cancer, homeless people, kids without food, and then they ask others to post it on their status too. And it's always prefixed by something like "Only my real friends will post this...". It just bugs me.

Why? It does no good as far as I can see, 100 of your friends seeing the same sad message will really do nothing. So, instead of that type of status message do something that can make a difference. Write to your congressman, donate to the American Cancer Society, sponsor a needy child. Post about that and then invite others to do the same. I think at the very least suffix such a message with an applicable place to do something to help, such as link to the donations page for the American Cancer Society.

Today, for about $1 a day, I sponsored a needy child. That dollar a day will help feed and clothe her, provide medicine, education, and more.

I sponsored through ChildFund International. You can visit their web site here. Consider doing doing some real good with that pocket change you've got lying about. Sponsor a child, and then post about that on your Facebook status or blog, inviting your friends and visitors to do the same thing.

OK, I am now climbing down off of my soapbox!

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I guess you may want to place a twitter icon to your blog. I just marked down the article, but I had to complete it manually. Just my advice.