Saturday, October 24, 2009

California Dreaming

So, I'm on an airplane headed to California. With me are Scott, Danielle, the X, and my friend David. It's a long flight. The kids are playing their hand held video games and texting, the X is on the phone, and David and I are watching video on our portable computers. Mine is an old beat up 7" Internet Media Tablet, and David's is a thin and light weight 15" flat panel device with an incredible picture. I have never seen the likes of this device before but I know immediately I want one. He passes it over to me and the kids are impressed as we watch a scene from Heroes featuring the character Hiro.

Obviously we are annoying the other passengers in the immediate area with our chattering and the volume from David's flat panel device. The X and I get into a bit of an argument and spend some time discussing some things including proper behavior on an airplane. When we are done the X heads off to see about a beverage and an older women behind me taps me on the shoulder and tells me not to worry about the fight, obviously that lovely lady cares for me very deeply. "That's no lady, lady" I reply, "That's my X wife!" As I deliver the punch line I press the button on my iPhone that delivers the traditional rim shot sound effect. The causes some light laughter of the surrounding passengers and my kids.

The pilot announces we are getting ready to land, the X returns, and we can see the airport outside the windows. There is a lot of turbulence which seems strange considering its a sunny day, and some people seem to be frightened by this.

We land without incident, retrieve our luggage, and head to the hotel in Hollywood where we are all staying. The hotel is something to see! It is huge, towering up into the sky! It takes 10 minutes to walk across the cavernous lobby to the front desk. Thank goodness the bellmen had taken all our bags in the parking lot. We check in and split up. The X and I arrive at our lavish hotel room. The room is immense!! The honor bar is the size of a double wide fridge and freezer and is stocked with gourmet items and beverages. There is a 70" plasma display mounted on the wall of the living room. The bathroom is a polished marble wonderland with two huge tubs, one with leather seating, a TV in front of it, and a device for aeration and the depositing of warm foamy soap reminiscent of an espresso machine gone wild! There is a huge assortment of toys for the kids, who are nowhere to be seen. The rooms are arranged around a central court, and looking off the balcony of our room, which is pretty high up, I am amazed at the sheer size of this establishment.

I start talking with the X about the trip and my puzzlement as to why the kids and I, and my friend David who already lives in California, flew out to Hollywood from Michigan with her who has a trade show to attend. I mention that the old woman on the plane thought we were a lovely couple and she cared deeply for me. The X then informed me that was someone else in her company and she was supposed to say just the opposite so I would not be pining away over her any more. "Well, then why invite me to come to California with you then?" I ask.

At that point the lighting in the room dims considerably and she looks at me ominously and whispers "Well, if you must know, it's because you won't be coming back from this trip my dear!" The hairs on the back of my neck stand up as I sense someone come up from behind me and...

I awake with a start, and ponder over this strange and disturbing dream. Though my head fully realizes that the feelings my heart has towards the X are not reciprocated, stupid dang heart has a mind of its own in this matter though after five years you think it would learn. Oh well, at least my head is in control during waking hours. I've never had a scary dream about the X before.....note to self, do not accompany her to California if she offers!

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David Louis Harter said...


That is a great fly-to-California tale! I enjoyed that a good deal.

- David