Saturday, October 24, 2009

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the office

So Friday was one of the rainiest, if not the rainiest day of 2009. The wind was howling and the rain was coming down fiercely! There was flooding and many roads had accident and varying amounts of water on their surfaces.

Imagine my surprise as an accident had happened to the left me, and someone who was obviously blissfully free of the ravages of intelligence tried to go around it and came at me head on as seen in the picture below. I had the camera out to take a picture of the accident so I was able to snag this shot as this fool decided to come into my lane instead of waiting until the oncoming traffic had passed.

What a way to start the morning and test one's underwear is all I've got to say! At least I managed to avoid this idiot who kept going without even slowing down as I narrowly avoided him.


Steve from NJ said...


A close call, indded! I'm glad you avoided becomimg another accident. This is why I leave extra early for everything I drive to around here when the weather is bad, and usually don't drive in snow at all. When I visit Florida and I emntion some of the roads here in NJ I drive on, eanyone who has the faintest idea of the places I'm talking about cringes. They didn't tell me about things like this in Drivers Education Class, that's for sure.

David Louis Harter said...


Great Scott! That was a close call for you. The photographic evidence is frightening--even from the safety of my living room!

- David