Sunday, January 03, 2010

Picture Of The Day 01/03/10

After five long years of service, particularly this past year where I used it over 150 days straight 90 minutes a day, my exercise bike is dying! It's been squeaking after the bearings heat up and the pedals have some play in the shaft. The ride also is nowhere as smooth as it has been. I was hoping it was just a case of needing some lubrication, but alas it's not that simple.

After today's ride I got on-line and started looking for repair parts. I took off all the covers and looked at the mechanism shown below:

Fortunately I was able to find a place on-line that still supplies parts for this model a Keys Fitness CM560R. For $54 a set of crank bearings and sleeves have been ordered. Should be an interesting repair job as the pulley and belt system is under a lot of tension with a very tight spring and of course I have no repair manual for the bike.

It should be quite the adventure, and if I can get it repaired I'll save the cost of a new exercise bike which would be a very good thing!


David Louis Harter said...


It is great that you found the requisite parts. That will indeed save a good deal of buckazoids that can be more excitingly spent elsewhere!

- David

Barry said...

Hi Chris!

Check your e-mail for information that may or may not be helpful! (Like you don't check your e-mail! )