Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Worst Nightmare Ever

So, after a phone call last night with distressing news, I just could not get to sleep. I tossed, I turned, I finally turned on the TV and watched it until almost 4 AM. Finally I must have fallen asleep because....

I found myself at my father's wake. It was pretty much as I remember except the funeral home was a lot darker, and all the light was provided by candles which were flickering eerily The other mourners wee all seated, the women with their heads covers with black veils, the men all wearing hats, had their heads down so I could not see anyone's faces..

Because of the dim light, the walls of the funeral home were not visible which made the room seem even stranger, giving the illusion that the room was cavernous. As I walked up to my dad's casket I was filled with a cold sense of dread, of a certainty something horrible was about to happen.

I knelt down to pay my respects and looked at my father. His body was all shriveled and dessicated as if it had been buried for quite a while already, though his suit appeared to be in perfect condition as did his casket. This scared me particularly because no one else seemed to act as if this was anything but natural.

Suddenly his eyes opened and he sat up unnaturally fast and turned to me, gasping out "Let me die! Why won't you let me die!??"

I ran, screaming from the funeral home!

I awoke, shaken. I could not stand to stay in bed so I got up and went out into the living room. Another cold sense of deep dread hit me as I saw the casket sitting behind my couch, illuminated only by two large candles on tall stands, one at either end. I could not turn away as my father once again sat bolt-upright and repeated the same words!

I truly awoke at that point, terribly shaken. I thought about the dream, I knew he had been sick for along time.. but I can't fathom why he was asking to die, when he was already dead. I realize I was very upset about some family issues when I retired, but the dream in no way had anything to do with that.

It will soon be time for bed, and I am hoping my dreams will be more pleasant!


David Louis Harter said...

The only thing worse than awakening from a nightmare is NOT awakening from a nightmare!

- David

Chris said...

David - I do not think I have ever been more scared in a dream that I was that night! Nightmares are bad enough, but ones where you can stop yourself from moving in them or waking up are the worst!

David Louis Harter said...

I generally have nightmares that include sufficient elements and people from my waking life that they are potentially unnerving.