Saturday, April 03, 2010

iPad First Impressions

I've been an iPad owner for just over five hours now. Surprisingly UPS delivered my new iPad at 10 AM. I was very pleased that it came so early. I connected it to my computer hooked up iTunes and then was able to sync my pictures, my applications, and my music to the device.

I then began using the applications that were designed to run on the iPhone versus the iPad. I was quite impressed with the application doubling feature, which fills the iPhone sized applications to almost the full size of the iPad screen.

It was quite a good job of upscaling graphics; I was very impressed.

Next I decided to start playing with some native iPad applications. It was amazing. The look and feel, plus the graphics, and the intuitive interface of the touchscreen controls was an incredible experience.

I set up my Gmail and Hotmail e-mail accounts very quickly; the new mail interface on the iPad is faster and easier then using the iPhone to check your e-mail. Surfing the Internet on the iPad is so much quicker than using the iPhone with the screen being double the size, plus the iPad speed being over three times as fast as my iPhone 3GS I was blown away by how quick pages loaded.

Watching video on the iPad is an enjoyable experience. Once again coupled with the larger screen size and quality of the display, viewing video particularly high definition video is quite the experience.

In closing, I am sure all have much more to say about the iPad as I use it longer. One of the really cool things I enjoyed about this is the fact that this entire blog post was written by speaking into the iPad using one of the three applications. If I had chosen to type it the on-screen keyboard particularly when the iPad is oriented in horizontal mode is almost as good as typing on a physical keyboard.

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