Saturday, April 03, 2010

It's a Geek's Life

I barely slept last night, and arose around 7. I've been following stories and news feeds on the web around the release of the Apple iPad, and this has been interspersed with feverish checking of the UPS tracking of my unit, which, as of 8:03 AM this morning had arrived at my areas local UPS distribution center! I've really got my Geek on this morning!

I told the kids earlier in the week I would not be leaving the house until the iPad was delivered. I pounds a bowl of food for the kitty earlier and there's a box of Pop Tarts, Bread, and sandwich makings if the kids are hungry!

1 comment:

David Louis Harter said...

Chris takes yet another step into the Dark Side!

I understand all too well the lure of gadgetry!

Let the painful waiting begin!

- David