Sunday, October 09, 2011

A Memorable Moment

Yesterday my daughter Danielle and I were riding in the car.  The area we were in was in the woods and the trees have started changing colors heralding in the fall season.  It was quite beautiful to behold.

Looking at the trees I was reminded of how when I was much younger, probably around 10 or, of the love my mother had for the fall colors.  Every year she and my father would drive from New Jersey into upstate New York just to see the splendor of the many colors the leaves were sporting at this time of year.

I remember most often, until we were older, my brother and I being 'dragged along' for the trip, yet here I was many years later totally enjoying the painting of colors that adorned the trees.

Danielle said she was enjoying the colors too when I asked her, so I shared this story about my mom with my daughter and concluded with how happy I was to share a story with her about the grandmother she had never met, who would have most certainly found such joy and pride in her granddaughter, and most likely would have spoiled her rotten over the years!

Such moments, that capture love, life, and memories across multiple generations, are extremely rare these days and I will cherish it, as I cherish her and my mom.

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