Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kitty or not to Kitty!

I have been going back and forth about getting a cat. After the loss of Cyclone yesterday, the kids have been asking me again if I will get one.

o Kids love cats!
o Cat would be a nice companion for those all too many empty house evenings when I do not have the kids!

o Expense - would need to be spayed, de-clawed, and fed, plus vet visits.
o Litter Box! Kids swear they would clean it but the said the same about Cyclone...and the X was more often than not chasing after them to do it and her house stank like dirty litter.

With my back I simply will not be dealing with the litter box chore anymore. Anyway, I keep going back and forth!


Barry said...

Chris, go to
you can find a stray at a shelter. Most will spay or neuter before or after you adopt.

As you know we now have 2 norwegian forest cats. These guys are great! Very loving. They make this cute squeek or they open there mouth and nothing comes out. Really funny.

They take about 4 years to mature. Foosa is 17 weeks and he's 6 lbs. I've seen his mother and he's going to be a big boy. At least 12 lbs or more.

Ben said...

You need to design a hydrolic floor plate for the litterbox to sit on so when it comes time to change, you press a pedal on the floor or a switch on the wall and it rises up so you can change it!

Here I am talkin like we live a world like the Jetsons.. and if we did, you could just have Rosie do it! :)

I love cats, but I have grown very alergic.. :(

Barry said...

I have a step-son. He changes the litter box! :)