Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Friend John

I live in Michigan, so since his passing the news has been mostly about former President Ford since he was born here. While I feel for his family and those who know them, and I send my prayers and condolences their way, what about the average person that we never hear about?

Here on the day that President Ford's remains were arriving via Air Force One, it was something that had to be experienced! My company was on the route from the airport to the final resting place in the city, and you could not believe the number of police and spectators. There were helicopters too. In town for the interment there was a 21 gun salute and multiple fly-overs of 21 F-15 aircraft!

Again...what about the average person?

For example, I have a very good e-friend named John who I have know for over six years. Our first contact was when he e-mailed me to comment about one of my screen savers.

Over the years we e-mailed about computer, his sadness and subsequent coping over the loss of his wife of many years, my sadness over my divorce and the way it affected me and my three children, other issues, computers, and more. We exchanged jokes, pictures and kept in touch over the years, more so than most of the physical friends I had on the east coast. He read my blog on a regular basis and made suggestions for new screen savers and other ideas for my web site.

John was, a very good friend, and I was always happy to see a message from him in my inbox!

To make a long story short, his daughter sent out a message this week to everyone in his address book that John was now at home near death, with no hope of recovery after surgical procedures done in November of last year and the resultant complications. One of the last things he told her was he was ready to go and be with his wife and God. I was so distressed I could not reply for almost a day, but did, because she asked if anyone wanted to tell her how they knew her dad, her best friend as she called him, she would like to know. I am so saddened by this news and wished I had known him better and had gotten a chance to meet him in the real world.

I ask that everyone who reads this say a prayer for John and his family and friends.

Farewell my friend John! You will be missed!! May you find peace and joy in heaven!


Layla said...

People should read this.

Chris said...

John was a very good, and very dear friend, and I thank all the folks at Laredo Insurance for your concern!