Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day (and the day before!)

Rain would not stop me, hence the exercise bike it is weather independent! I have to keep exercising as it is one of the best ways to keep my blood sugar down; yesterday I did two 30 minute/6 mile sessions on the exercise bike and spent 2 hours cleaning out the garage. I just did my second session on the bike, plus I also did some other cleaning today. That at least keeps my lunch and evening blood sugars within the acceptable diabetic range, but, my morning sugar is still always high, so, it is back to the doctor as soon as we get the medical cards. More meds will be forthcoming. The visual vertigo is almost completely gone, though I am still having some dizziness it is nowhere as bad as it was.

Dinner was great, the steaks grilled to perfection, the kids tearing through them like the Raptor feeding scene in Jurassic Park! I also made sauteed mushrooms and onions to have with the steaks, a nice salad, and fresh locally grown corn on the cob.

This 1600 calorie a day diet is hard to deal with, but, Sundays I am allowed 2000, so, I feel like I ate like a pig, though before these health issues hit I was doing 2000 calories just for dinner. This coming Thursday makes 8 weeks I have been dieting and exercising.

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