Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tails Tales on a Saturday Morning

Saturday morning; I dislike weekends when I do not have the kids. Having them half the time every week is certainly fun, but, I find myself wanting them everyday! Is that so unnatural, a parent wanting their kids full time?

So, I am a bit broody and distracted, but, Tails is doing her best to keep me amused! Racing around like a Tasmanian Devil, carrying objects in her mouth, bouncing off walls! This has been going on for more than an hour since I woke up.

Uh-oh! She may be winding down, she is padding over this way! She just jumped on my chest purring (this is her way of saying "I command you to stop whatever it is you think is more important than me and pet me and scratch me under my chin for at least 20 minutes straight so I can fall asleep against your face!"),

Pheewwww! She smells like fresh cat crap! Heavily of fresh cat crap! She obviously just came from her box, so, not wanting to seemingly reject her when she came looking for attention I tossed a bottle cap and she is now merrily chasing that around the house! It will be a little awhile before she calms down as she seems fully energized again.

As it is 44 degrees out this AM and thus too cold for a walk (I hate bundling up for a walk!!) it will soon be time for the morning ritual on the e-bike, and the decision should I listen to music while I pedal, watch TV, read, or a combination of the above?

Below is a recent picture of Tails for your enjoyment! You may of course click on it to open a much larger version in a new window.

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David Louis Harter said...


It is obvious that Tails has you in thrall! I understand, believe me. Our cats demand attention when I arrive home from the office. Their favorite (other than being petted, of course) is laser-light frolicing. I run them up and down the hallway with a laser pointer until their panting cautions me to allow them to rest!

- David