Monday, October 29, 2007

Not too many posts

Its been a bit over two weeks since the last post; much going on, lots of stuff related to work I won't go into here (other than to say I still do not know if I will have a job down the road). Morale at work is somewhat lacking these days.

The X had surgery on October 17th which had some complications, I had the kids through the 28th, 12 days with the kids is always great! X is doing better, but, having trouble recovering; she just won't take it easy as the doctors tell her to.

My Dad is doing somewhat better, still has some post-operative pain but overall he has much less pain that he had prior to surgery and has left the house!

I have been having fun hacking my iPod touch and installing all kinds of software on it. So far I have rendered unbootable twice. Now I have a backup and restore procure which lets me recover all of my applications and data after restoring it to factory settings and re-hacking it. This saves me tons of time over the previous method which was install applications one by one, redo all settings, etc.

Danielle had her Halloween dance and party at the school Friday night; she and Scott are both looking forward to Halloween on Wednesday.

My brother's wife's father passed away last week; he was old and they had to amputate one of his legs to try and save him, but, he did not make it. Couple this with a new job (that has a long commute!) and trying to sell their house, and she really has her hands full. I wish I was closer so I could help out.

Chris got a part time job at Meijer; he will be challenged to come up with suitable finances though and it looks like a student loan will be in order. I gave his mom some extra cash to help offset him living at her house since he has been unable to pay the rent that was agreed on.

Tails continues to grow and to be cute, she really enjoyed having the kids around for the extra time; after they left yesterday she became my shadow, either napping on me or next to me on the couch. She does not realize it, so, please do not e-mail her at and tell her, she will be getting spayed and laser-declawed sometime over the next few weeks.

Not much more to tell really, though I will try to post a bit more often.

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