Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Take a picture, It'll last longer.....

Yea, it'll last longer, maybe too long in fact!!

After getting my iPod Touch I decided I was going to put all my digital pictures on it. This took a weekend and much CPU time, plus I had to start over as the drive the images are on ran out of space as iTunes was converting them.

After getting them on the iPod and viewing some of them I was reminded of an issue that has been growing since 1999. This is when I got my first Digital camera, a Kodak DC210 courtesy of my friend David, and began taking pictures.

This issue is simply that I have too many pictures! Those of you with digital cameras know how it is; since there is no film to deal with or associated developing costs, you just tend to take many more pictures than you would with a film-based camera.

So, the weekend before last I began the laborious task of going through over 12,000 images. There were instances where, to get a good shot, I had taken multiples, anywhere from 1 or two, to 15 at the burst rate of whatever camera I had. Do I really need more than one image or a given shot? In almost every case, the answer was "No!", but, going through the multiple images and choosing the one to keep is very time consuming.

There were also a lot of blurred images so there were deleted. Poorly kit or bad contrast images? Ones that could not be tweaked, candidates for deletion, and this too was a time consuming process. How about pictures with no family members, but kids that even my kids do not remember? Gone!

Series of shots of kids soccer games? Greatly reduced by eliminating pictures where my kids were occluded behind another player, or by using the rules above for multiple shots of a given scene.

Then there were a number of shots in the "What the heck was I thinking category!" when I took them!

All this takes time, and this last weekend, other than caring for the kids and spending some time with them when they were not playing, I did nothing but work on whittling this down.

It was also quite sad in some cases as I went through several years of pictures when the X and I were married. I have been quite blue with this all week in fact. On the plus side, I have seen many pictures of the kids growing and cavorting around that I had forgotten! I've also got the idea to make some themed slide shows from recurring subject matter over the years.

I hope to be completed with this painful task this week, and I will post a recap of number of pictures and storage requirements before and after the great purge of 2007!

Going forward I will be doing this cleaning process as I offload the memory card, and I wonder why I just did not do this from the get-go!


David Louis Harter said...


One cannot have too many pictures. There will always be a time when you say to yourself, "I wish I had a photograph of that" when recalling something you did not photograph!

- David

Riley said...

So? Where are the pics then ;P

Chris said...

Hmmm, I thought I made it clear that they were on my iPod touch!