Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Ramblings for Saturday

It's been a week since I posted last, but, I've had not much to say. The holiday season is upon us starting with Thanksgiving next week, and I'm already feeling the blahs about it. Divorce just ruined this time of year for me which I had always loved as a kid. I still enjoy holiday music and all the holiday specials.

I decoded I'm not making turkey this year as I have every year since we moved out to Michigan, it just feels too weird cooking for the me, the kids, the X and her folks. We're not a family and I just feel weird doing dinners like that. Sigh!

I asked the kids if they care if I decorate the house for Christmas, and they said they really do not care, so I won't be doing any decorating this year either. Thy are sadly past the childish delight of Christmas and I hate to say it, it seems the only thing they get out of the year is the presents.

On another front gas is down to $1.69 a gallon here by my house, I just can't believe it! I must fill up this weekend and fill the gas can for the snow blower. We've had some light snow already. Yesterday I came home, the sky was clear. I was inside for a couple of hours and then needed to go to the store for some groceries, imagine my surprise as I found a quarter of an inch of snow on the ground and roads. It was gone by this morning though them temps at night have been in the 20's and today it will be in the 30's.

Last Tuesday, the second Xbox 360, which was a replacement from Microsoft fr our first unit that did earlier this year, died too. Fortunately it was one of the infamous 'Red Ring of Death' failures so even though I am out of warranty it gt fixed for free. I just dropped it off at UPS this AM to send it out for repair.

Tomorrow is my older boy's birthday; he will be 20. Seems like just yesterday I was holding him in my arms for the first time. Th five of us will be going out for dinner later (another melding of the 'Dysfunctional 5' and tomorrow I will make him buffalo wings with our own sauce recipe (previously posted on this blog, use the recipe link at the top of the page to find it). The X will be out of town, she has business so I will get extra time with Scott and Danielle as this is the X's week, and she will be gone Sunday through Wednesday.

Scott fell at work the week before last and really screwed up his leg. Fortunately it turned out to just be a sprain and a soft tissue injury, originally they thought he might have cracked his kneecap. He was limping for days and is not feeling much better and went back to Work Wednesday night. He has to work Thanksgiving (Welcome to the work force my son!), and in fact is working all week this week as they kids are off of school.

Danielle is still doing much better since she went back on restricted, filtered Internet and is still spending lots of time with me and her mom.

Not much else to tell, just trying to deal with the blahs and keep busy. I am off from work until December 2nd, so that is nice!

If I do not post before hand, you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Bev from PA said...

Sorry to hear you are so blue and dreading the holidays. After my Dad died holidays were terrible. After Mom died I didn't attend holiday gatherings.

You may yet find yourself getting out a few favorite decorations. It's too early to completely wipe Christmas from the books except for gift giving.

Hope you feel better soon. Hugs are in order - super sized, too.

Chris said...

Bev, Thanks. I'm OK, not super depressed or anything, just blue....Christmas will never be the same and I'd just as soon have it over with, though!

Thanks for the kind words of concern; it's good to have friends like you.

Take care.

David Louis Harter said...


We do not decorate for Christmas. The cats do not allow it. They would destroy decorations quickly and completely!

It shall be a quiet Christmas for us.

- David

Bev from PA said...

Glad to hear it's just the blah's. Enjoy your vacation and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Chris said...

David - I used to love Christmas, decorating, etc. About the only joy I get out of it is giving presents, but I miss the cat trying to terrorize the tree as in many Christmases past!

I'll have to see if Scrooge is free this year!