Sunday, November 09, 2008

Some Ramblings

Danielle got her Internet back after two weeks of no access. I gave her one of my older laptops and have K9 Web Protection and VNC server loaded on it.

The k9 Protection blocks content and records all access and the VNC server let's her mom or I instantly connect to her screen and see exactly what she is doing without her knowing it (though she knows we can now do this).

She has no IM client and knows if there is another infraction she'll lose the Internet for a month next time.

She has been so much better since she lost unlimited, unrestricted Internet, happier, doing more in her arts and crafts, reading more, spending more time with the X and I, it is simply amazing, and I am hoping she sees that the people she was spending time with online that she did not know were a negative influence on her.

Around my house last weekend I continued cleaning things up and emptied my entire bedroom closet, and in a few I am off to Lowes to get a closet organizer for the bedroom downstairs that Tails uses at night so I can better utilize that storage space. Next on the target is the front hall closet and then the kids closets.

Last Sunday I also made Chicken Parmesan and it came out killer, I used a slightly different recipe and of course I made homemade sauce for it as well. There was enough for leftovers for two nights!

The door at the bottom of the basement steps is now in place and primed, it just needs a final coat of paint.

The weather, which had been slowly creeping up since a couple of days before Halloween (it hit low 69's here for that) hit a peak of 70's Thursday, 70 Friday, and then overnight into this weekend temperatures plummeted, being in the 40's and 50's during the day and 30's at night.

And, I saw the dreaded first snowflakes of the season Saturday and some more today, but, it's still not cold enough for any accumulations.

Speaking of Halloween I bought candy and did not have a single visitor so down the street from me I saw scattered traffic, I guess no one wanted to brave the house at the end of the road! The kids were pleased as they had plenty of candy all week, and neither of them went out trick or treating this year. I miss the years walking them around the neighborhoods. Even the X has little traffic and her development has many children.

Scott is in his second week of his part time job and doing well! He has been told if he keeps up his performance he will be promoted at the end of his probation! I was most pleased to hear this, and they gave him a $10 merchandise card as a bonus for his hard work.

I think that's about it here in the Midwest....the kids are at their Mom's this weekend and the house is way too quiet! I hate the weekends without the kids.


Bev from PA said...

Good to hear from you again, Chris. Glad to hear internet and Danielle issue is working out well. Maybe if I restricted my own internet access I'd get more done, too. But I use internet for articles and news and can't get enough lately. Oh, and I play Lexulous (Scrabble by another name) through email. Our family loves board games and grew up with Scrabble, Monopoly and my favorite Stock Market (only made between 1963 and 1968), Yahtzee, etc.
I'm one of the lucky few who loves winter - I don't HAVE to drive so I get to gaze through my window at the wonder.
How is Scott's (hope I got the correct son:) health issue these days? Fine I hope.

Chris said...

Bev - You got the correct son and thanks!

Yesterday was a rare day, I was home but other than the blog posts done down in my basement office the living room PC was not on all day.

I've been a bit melancholy as the holiday season approaches. It always bums me out a bit since the divorce and this year with the loss of mt dad on top of that....well...

Life goes on, but I really miss him, and this holiday season I used to love so much since I was a young child really does nothing for me any more though I make sure the kids have a god time, but, they are long past the child like wonder stage and way into the "Gimmie Presents" even that is a bit dulled too.

So, while I do keep busy and such postings don't happen as often when feeling this way. Why bum out the masses as it were!

Oh well! There are plenty of holiday specials to watch which I really do enjoy for some reason.

Hope you and yours are doing OK; take care!

David Louis Harter said...


You will be pleased to learn that our weather became unexpectedly stormy Saturday. The rain came without warning, and it fell with incredible force and volume.

Yesterday was sunny and warm (72°), allowing us to grill. Today is cooler, but it remains dry and calm. The balance of the week is forecast to be in the low 60s and dry.

- David

Chris said...

David - Storms can be dangerous but I do enjoy watching a storm if safe inside.

Sounds like your weeks going to be a lot warmer than mine.

While there was none on the roads this AM there was half an inch of snow on the grassy surfaces about.

I must take this as a warning to go fill the gas can for the snow blower on the next fill up of the Mustang.