Friday, November 14, 2008

What's on TV?

The fall season of TV has been upon us for a couple of months now; what's everyone been watching?

In the area of shows that premiered this season I've been watching Knight Rider (I love the new KIT Mustang!), The Mentalist (like a serious version of Physc), Fringe, Life on Mars, Caruso, Worst, Week, Gary Unmarried, Sanctuary, and 11th hour.

I've also been enjoying the new season of Dirty Sexy Money, Bones, Two and a Half men, How I met your Mother, Samantha Who?, Ugly Betty, House, Little People Big World, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Stargate Atlantis, Chuck, Heroes, The Simpsons, King of the Hill and Family Guy. My food network choices include Diners Drive-ins and Dives, Grill It, Iron Chef America, Dinner Impossible, Unwrapped, Thrown down, The Secret Life of..., and Good Eats.

I also watch selected episodes of the following in syndication: Scrubs, Bewitched, Stargate SG-1, Walker Texas Ranger, Married with Children, The X-Files, Star Trek (all the series), Charmed, Angel, the original Knight Rider, Night Court, The Bill Cosby Show, Sabrina the teenage Witch plus earlier episodes of many of the new series listed above as they have been on for years.

AND coming soon to a TV near you the kids and I are eagerly awaiting new seasons of Scrubs (moving to ABC from NBC), Monk, and Physc in January!

I'm sure I've missed shows in all three categories above but remember this is my lunch break at work and I am doing this from memory!

On the surface it may seem like I watch too much TV! Oh well, I have free time particularly when the kids are at their Mom's house though the three of us watch quite a few of these shows together. When my son Chris comes to visit his dad he and I watch a subset of these.

I used to have my major creative outlet making computer screen savers. In particular the Christmas one each year. Sadly since the divorce I find even four Christmases later I am still lacking the passion it takes to do this. In the past I would start the Christmas one right after Halloween and work on it nights and weekends instead of TV viewing. I did do one for the second Christmas after the divorce which turned out well, but, it was a labor to do and not really fun, so, until that feeling comes back....TV it is!

I must admit though between work I do at home, video games, computer time, taking care of the house and kids on my weeks, it can be quite a challenge, one that I am up for however! Thank goodness the DVR records up to 130 hours of programming and now that AT&T has enabled the Whole House DVR function I can watch recorded TV in my bedroom. The kids can watch recorded content in the family room too.

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David Louis Harter said...


I greatly prefer the new star of "Dinner Impossible"--Michael Symon--to the prior one--Robert Irvine.

I disliked Irvine's attitude of superiority long before learning his résumé was a fabrication.

What say you?

- David