Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday Morning in West Michigan

I awoke shortly before 8 since Danielle, in preparation for her first day of school at Barbizon, had to be up by 8 AM. I was 99% sure she would be, when it comes to things like setting the alarm clock she is very responsible and in fact wakes Scott up each morning for school.

She was up and ready by 8:50 when her mom picked her up. We decided since the monthly classes (4 hours on Saturday and Sunday) always fall on my weeks to alternate the days, so, I will take her and pick her up tomorrow. After class they will be picking up one of Danielle's friends and the X will drop them off at Red Sun Buffet for lunch. They will call me when they are ready to be picked up so I can bring them back here.

The four of us ate at Red Sun last night in fact, on the weekends they also have roast beef out for carving, and for a Chinese Buffet it is very tasty and of good quality. They also have a limited selection of shusi (less than Ming 10) and a grill. They also have a larger selection of food, but it is of just slightly less quality than Ming 10. Since it is closer and the kids like it better it is now our place of choice Friday and the weekend. Weekdays we would still go to Ming 10.

All of Scott's friends are going away for Spring break. One of his Best friends Alex is not leaving until later today so I let him spend the night as Scott is feeling better, though the pain and trouble breathing are still present. He is in a much better mood though which is good!

I have been adding additional songs to my iPhone this AM from my large collection and enjoying the $10 free mp3 credit from Amazon (5 for the case, 5 for the speaker dock I bought)

The Amazon software stub that integrates with the web browser is nice ; it detected iTunes and automatically adds the music to it. There are also a ton of free songs that change almost daily if you go to their mp3 site.

Currently I have 400 songs, 35 video files, 60 applications, and 7200 digital photographs (starting from my first digital camera in 1999). I still have about 4.5 Gigabytes free though out of 16.

It is a glorious sunny day with blue skies, and probably going to be the warmest we shall see in days since snow is predicted tomorrow.

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David Louis Harter said...


Ah. I have over twice as many songs on my iPhone as you have. I am well behind with regard to photographs, however--since I have only NINE currently, all taken with the iPhone's camera. I have no videos. I must get busy and add some photographs and videos!

- David