Monday, August 10, 2009

A Contrast In Exercising - Revisited

So, yesterday I did a 90 minute workout and like the one on Saturday it too went very well.

Today was an entirely different case. It did not go well, or even very well. It was a total contrast in exercising. Today in fact it went exceedingly well.

In a 90 minute workout I do about 900 calories and 16 miles. Today as I approached the 90 minute mark and hit it, I realized I had pluck and energy to spare, so I kept going. It's almost as if the exercise bike had it's own power source....

Sixteen minutes later, for a total of an hour and forty six minutes, I had gone 19 miles and burned just over 1100 calories! I was most pleased with myself and with the workout.

I still hate exercise, though if every workout could go like the last three in a row did, I think I could learn to tolerate it, if not actually like it!


David Louis Harter said...


Great Scott! I am a slug! I rode only 30 minutes this morning!

- David

Barry said...

Hi Chris!

Do you realize if you hooked your exercise bike to a generator instead of having it powered like in the picture you'd be _creating_ electricity and might be able to create enough to sell it back to the power company?!

Chris said...

David - I did 1250 calories today!

Barry - That would add too much torque if I connected a generator! It is hard enough pedaling as it is! :)