Thursday, December 24, 2009

Picture Of The Day 12/24/09

This morning I needed to venture out and do some last minute Christmas shopping, primarily for supplies to wrap gifts. I knew from previous years Target would have just want I want, and via the highway near my house they are about 5 minutes away. Checking their website last night informed me they would be open at 7 AM this morning so I left my house a few minutes before then.

The shot below shows my plan worked well, the parking lot was nearly deserted!

It was dark and cold and a very frosty wind was blowing. Were it not for the bright lights I would have had one thought in my head: Zombies! Yea, I guess I do play too many zombie games, but it will be a colder day that today was in hell before I play the likes of FarmVille or Restaurant City!!! Anyway, I digress......

The store was nearly empty as well and I was able to do my shopping there quickly with no hassle. I picked up a few last minute impulse gifts for the family, hit Costco too, gassed up the Mustang and hit the grocery store by mouse as well. Total time out was less than 90 minutes.

I then had a thrilling time taking care of some laundry and starting to clean up the house so it will be nice for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day tomorrow. The kids, the X, and I may go see a movie a little later, plus I have gifts for the family to wrap.

Speaking of gifts, I apologize to those I've sent Christmas gifts to past years but finances are quite stretched this year so I had to concentrate on the kids and my family. Feel free however to send me anything you wish! Come on! Do it now! I know from personal experience I truly enjoy giving and I want to share that with you all!

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David Louis Harter said...

That is definitely the time to shop! Whenever I go to the stores on a holiday eve (as I did on Thanksgiving!) I manage to go during the busiest time of the day and must fight the crowds.

TODAY, I shall go nowhere but home--as soon as the episode of "Fringe" I am watching concludes.

- David