Saturday, December 26, 2009

Picture Of The Day 12/26/09

Below is a panoramic shot I stitched together depicting the general state of bedlam in my living room due to the frenzied unwrapping of presents yesterday! Note there are more Christmas and other photos over on my Facebook page so feel free to pop over and check them out. Not a Facebook member? Well, you can easily join on my Facebook page.

Click the picture for a larger version in a new window!

I hope all of you and your families had as Merry a Christmas as I did!

It's snowing here this morning in West Michigan - Once he awakens it is time to acquaint my son Scot, who recently turned 18, with my "Whoever has to go out of the house using their car first has to clear the driveway" rule. Unless it is not possible to clean the snow, I like to do this before driving over it other wise you get ice when the snow was driven on. Since you get get stretches of several weeks or longer going by with the temps below freezing, it's best to clear the driveway before driving on it.

I know he has plans with his friends later, right now I have no pressing need to go out first though at some point I do need to hit the store for some groceries.

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