Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pictures Of The Day 12/13/09

For those of you unaware Tuesday through Friday we had quite a lot of snow and for three days we were under blizzard warnings with winds up to 40 miles per hour. When I was putting the shovel away yesterday I looked out the window of the garage's back door and noticed a ton of ice and snow overhanging the roof on the back of the house.

Here's some higher resolution pictures of the ice and snow overhang on my garage I took with my 12 Megapixel camera this morning. Though they are scaled down somewhat they are much better and larger than the ones I posted on Facebook earlier today. Note clicking on any of them will open a much larger picture in a new browser window.

Panoramic shot stitched from two pictures

Closer shot of the overhang by the garage door

Shot looking under the overhang from the garage door


David Louis Harter said...


Brrrrrrrrr! That looks cryogenic indeed! The photographs are great, of course, but they cause shivers when viewing them!

Here, it was in the 50s and sunny--unexpected and a great surprise.

I attended and photographed a festival. It was a nice, warm day here!

- David

Steve from NJ said...


I've only seen wind-driven snow like that here in NJ once before (about 15 years ago). But not nearly as much (I knocked it off the roof, anyway) and without the icicles. How much snow did you get (in feet and inches)?

(And this isn't the "official" start of winter for another week!)

Barry said...

Isn't it amazing what Mother Nature will do?!