Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lord, I was born a rambling man

Trying to make a living and doing the best I can........SO, what's up with Chris? Well, here are some random ramblings below.

Work is incredibly busy, now that I inherited all the folks from the Enterprise application group I have more than double the people in my department as I had before. I believe I have the largest number of direct reports for IT globally for the company. While this is only supposed to be temporary it has been a month now and if I thought my workload was incredible before it is insane now. It takes me most of the day Friday to do the weekend report to my boss as I have to go through everyone else's reports....... If we get our sometimes yearly bonus this month I have promised the kids I will get a cat. I miss having cats around and have decided one of the automatic cleaning litter boxes will be in order.

At home well, we all have been enjoying the XBOX 360 and Danielle too her new DS Lite. The basement steps, which have not leaked in over a year leaked when we had tornado class storms. I went out in the rain and cleaned out the gutters by that part of the house as they were clogged. I have also ordered a three step sealing process to treat the stairs. I have to start this this weekend and it will be no fun! I have borrowed a steam cleaner from my good friend Josh and will use this to remove the rest of the carpeting from the stairs and the paint on the side concrete so I can do a proper surface prep and so the first chemical, which bonds molecularly to concrete, can do its magic. I also have to steam the remainder of the carpet adhesive from the stairs that used to be carpeted. I am SO not looking forward to this!

Was distressed that Stargate SG-1 was cancelled, have been enjoying the second season of the new Doctor Who, along with Stargate Atlantis. The show Eureka is also very good! Battlestar Galactica starts up again tomorrow night, so that will be great. I love my Sci-Fi Friday!

New shows I have been watching this season: Jericho (excellent!) and Heros (Good).

Really miss my daily e-mails with my brother in New Jersey, but, with his job from hell we can no longer communicate so readily. It really stinks!

The fall is upon us; weather doing the seasonal ups and downs temperature wise, soon the leaves will be falling......summer is so gone!

Working on getting my mortgage refined to save some bucks......will be going down about 1.5% and have a fixed rate instead of the adjustable rate I have which is scheduled to go up next month.

As to me? Well, still Miss the X and having the kids full time....will never ever get used to that, but in a few years they'll be out of the house the heck will I be doing then? We shall see!


Anonymous said...

automatic cleaning litter boxes

Having 5 kitties. We went looking at them this past weekend. Went to Petco and Petsmart.

We were told at both locations that they get a lot of returns on these puppies. (forgive the pun...:) )
Seems the bar where the rake is breaks (a lot). I have read some reviews and have decided that I'm not plunking down some $150.00 on something that is going to break in 6 months or wind up scooping the litter. This was the main reason one would get one of these... right?

Anonymous said...

I apologise for not leaving more comments on your blog. Im sorry friend.

However, you ramble no more than I do!

Ben said...

I too was upset to hear about SG-1's demise. We can only hope it comes to the big screen as a result of this decision.

I have also been enjoying Jericho and Heros. Jericho has a scary premise and I look forward to seeing what they do with it.

Be well, my master!

- Ben

Chris said...


On automatic cat litter boxes, how about this for semi-automatic"

Litter Box"

Chris said...

Liz, no need to apologize! As you know I only check your blog when I update mine!

Chris said...

Thanks for the heads up on Jericho, it is awesome! I too have been enjoying Heros.

I will instruct the other sith-lords to insure there is an SG-1 movie!!!

Anonymous said...

Had one of the rolly one's. It would tend to crack open and spill 'stuff' all over the floor.

So far unless some one else know better scoop away. :)

Chris said...

Maybe you shook it too hard? :)There were many positive product review going back many months, so, I think this may be the way to go.