Monday, October 09, 2006

Pray if you got 'em....

For those of you who are religious please say a quiet prayer for my Dad. Over the past weeks has dropped about 50 pounds. I fear for him, he sounded terrible on the phone yesterday and after weeks of tests (more to come tomorrow) they can find nothing wrong. He is too nauseous to eat!

I am, preparing myself for the worst; the fact that he is over 700 miles away does not help. I have found it very hard yesterday and today to focus on what else is going on around me.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you in prayer buddy.
"In atmosphere of Love divine, we live and move and have our being.."

David Moore

Chris said...

Dave, thanks so much for the kind thought. it is very rough being a part time divorced Dad, and now this. Sigh!

Steve from NJ said...

My thoughts are with your Dad, you, your brother, and your family. Apologies for such a short comment.

Anonymous said...

:( oh Im so sorry to hear that. Being far away always makes it worse. You cant drop round as often as you'd like.

I will be thinking of both of you

Chris said...

Thanks Liz and Steve!

I will hear more tomorrow night as test results from Tuesday's tests should be in. My Dad has been much in my thoughts this week. And Steve, he asks about you on occasion still.

Oh! Steve, meet Liz! She is both a co-worker and friend located in the UK and works for company name deleted as do I.

Liz, meet Steve! Steve is a long time friend who used to work at company name deleted in New Jersey with me. We were thick as thieves! He works for another soul sucking company these days.