Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun with my iPod touch!

For those of you who have spent the last few months on another planet, or at the bottom of the ocean, etc. Friday was the release of the iPhone 3G, the newer faster model.

While I have no desire to own one because of the high costs of the service and two year plan requirement, I did decide to upgrade my iPod touch to the new 2.0 firmware which opens it up to use applications for Apple's Application store. As of this service's opening on Friday there were 532 applications and half of these are free with many prices at 99 cents.

SO! I backed up my settings and wiped the iPod touch on Friday only to have to wait until yesterday to be able to do the upgrade because apple had MAJOR problems with their authentication servers Friday.

To make along story short I then had to reload my songs, video, and pictures, but, I was pleasantly surprised, my picture collection easily takes up about 20-25% less space on the device which means more space fr songs, videos, applications, etc. I will post again on this subject after I have had some hands on with the applications I downloaded and the new firmware.

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David Louis Harter said...

You are having altogether too much fun.

Get to work!

- David