Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ho Hum what fun

Same old same no new posts lately but I am still here....not much new, Dad still doing poorly, Scott still going to Chiropractor and doing OK. I've been kind of blue so have not really felt like posting all that much.

Kids went back to their Mom's for her week yesterday, that always brings me down for a day or two.

Speaking of kids, I am doing a bunch of laundry in preparation for my departure tomorrow and the family room door next tot eh unfinished portion of my basement opens (adjacent to my home office) up and in walks Scott carrying Tails (that's right I forgot for a moment he was coming for lunch and to watch Psych with me and his Mom).

I call out "Uh, I have no pants!"; he stops short, backs up and exists to my cry of "Hey, I have underwear on!". I told him I'd be up in 10 minutes......

And thanks though to my friend John for checking in to see how I am doing which prompted me to post this little blurb here.

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David Louis Harter said...


Cheer up, my friend!

My office television died! I turned it on this morning as I do each weekday upon arriving at my office. The sound came on, but there was no video. Yikes!

It is a heavy 27" Sony CRT television that I somehow placed in a wall bracket about 15 years ago. I was much younger then. I do not relish the thought of taking it down from there! EEK! and EEK! again!

- David