Friday, September 04, 2009

Answering Steve's Question

I was not thinking when I used some classic pictures of past paintings in yesterday's post. My friend Steve asked me to identify the artists, so here we go:

The first painting "Marriage at Cana" by Jacopo Tintoretto was painted in 1561.

The second painting "The Bean Feast" is by Jan Steen painted in 1668

The last, and my favorite, is “The Monkeys’ Feast” by Ferdinand van Kessel but I do not know the date it was painted. The artist lived from 1648 through 1696.

My apologies Steve, and anyone else who may have wondered, for not including this info but I was so wrapped up in my humorous use of the pictures. You all thought it was humorous, RIGHT!!!???!!!

My apologies too, to anyone reading this blog that does not want any cultural education. Deal with it. Sometimes culture just leaps and bites you on the ............


Steve from NJ said...


Thanks for the identifications. Unlike a lot of people who visit art museums I usually read the descriptions as well as looking at the paintings.

Chris said...

Steve - At the Museum I would tend to read the descriptions too, but in this case I was looking for amusement!