Friday, June 16, 2006

The House Screams with Silence

I had a great week with the kids, I will see them for half the day a bit later, yet, I am already bummed because they go back to their Mom's house around 6PM. The house will scream with silence after they are gone, I can barely stand the thought of it. This is one of those things that so totally sucks beyond the telling of it! I get mad at myself for not being a better husband and realizing the X was unhappy. I get mad at her for not making an effort to salvage the marriage....I feel so bad for the kids, particularly my little girl...I feel like I have failed them.......oh this stinks...


Riley said...

It takes 2 to make relationships work, and its hard when its gone sour to try. Hind sight is always 20-20, yeah maybe you could have done stuff, so could she.. Life has regrets, the thing is not to make the same mistake twice.

Long as you give your kids your all.. while they may not say anything, they'll know.

Chris said...

Being in the house last night, really, really sucked! I could not sit still, even with music blasting it was way too quiet. I hate this not having my kids full time crap with a passion!!! When you get married you make a commitment, and that also implies to your kids that they will have full time parents! AAARRGGG!!!!

Riley said...

Then get a dog :P

Dogs always bring life to a house..

Taylor Hammie or Kate said...

Hi Chris,

I just threw a fit at my family yesterday for it being constantly noisy. Three kids, two friends over, a barking dog.

Thanks for reminding me that silence isn't always golden.