Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wednesday is Bacon Day!

It's been a great week thus far outside of work. It's my first week with the kids of the summer. I have been working half days, coming in at 6:30AM and scheduled to leave at 10:30 though this week I have not been getting out of work until 11:30AM. Yesterday, in spite of the three hours of e-mail and other work fun from home, was a really nice day. We had incredible weather, sunny and in the 80's.

Scott wanted to go to Gamestop to get a new MegaMan game, so off we went after I was done on the exercise bike with Scott sitting there waiting for me to complete. he is also looking to return/exchange his ds-lite because it has a dead pixel, but, they did not have any new units in. He did get his game though! I had not eaten so we stopped at Wendy's on the way back where, I offered Scott and Danielle a treat since they had eaten PB & J sandwiches. Danielle opted for a Frosty, for his 'treat' Scott had 10 chicken Nuggets. We stopped at Forest Hills on the way home for some needed items.

We headed over to the pool a bit after five and had our longest visit yet, over an hour, and while it was warm and the water great, there were maybe 10 people at the pool. We played tag with some squooshy balls, using three, you had to hit your target with all three. Then Scott and Danielle took turns going off the diving board while I three a ball for them to catch or kick.

Sunday's episode of Iron Chef America had been Battle: bacon, so, for dinner I got a pound of bacon and I wrapped some ball park franks with two strips each of turkey bacon, and on the ones Chris and I were going to have I lightly brushed with the roadhouse spicy sauce before putting them on the grill. Scott opted for waffles as he is not a bacon fan. Danielle, CHris, and I loved the bacon wrapped dogs, they were excellent!We all watched a couple of episodes of The Simpson's together and then the rest of the evening was spent working, playing, watching TV with assorted kids.


Taylor Hammie or Kate said...

Bacon! Although I'd prefer you wrapped them in Taylor Ham, we used to call a hot dog wrapped in bacon "angels on horseback" in Girl Scout Camp. We'd wrap cheese around the dog first, then wrap bacon, and hold it over the campfire till the grease really had the fire blazing.

Just checkin' in to say hi!

Chris said...

I just love your picture! You look marvelous! :)

One of my favorite sandwiches is Taylir Ham, lots of Crisp bacon, on a bagle with cream cheese. it may not be good for you but it is SO good!

Now that the warm weather is here, will Taylor Ham still arrive cold at my door? When I last ordered in cold weather the package was not all that cold when it arrived. I just finsihed the last of my order and was thinking of......MORE!