Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Haunted Halloween

Halloween is on the horizon and a few years back I made an excellent Halloween Screen Saver for Windows PC's. This will run on Windows 2000 and up through Vista. A screen shot, without animation of course, is shown below. Note the lights flicker in a ghostly manner and there are many animations and animated characters, It is, one of my best creations. There is also spooky music.

So, look at the picture below and if it seems interesting you can snag a copy here. Of course you can click the picture below for a larger copy in a new window.


David Louis Harter said...


Chris said...

You should post this on your office PC's for the holidays. I should make you some branded screensavers you can give away on those little business card size CD's - the first time they kick in for a run they would display a screen courtesy of California Technologies, etc. That would only happen once per screen saver launch so people would not find it too annoying but it is a good way to get customers.