Monday, October 13, 2008

The Weekend

I did not have the kids this weekend, so, the majority of it was spent doing chores around the house, watching TV, playing on the computer.

Friday night my older boy Chris was coming over, we were going to do dinner and watch Ironman which my friend Mike had loaned me. The X called and discovered this and asked if we could all have dinner and she wanted to see the movie too. So we went to Applebee's, Scott drove back to his Mom's house, Danielle retreated to the computer, the the rest of us watched Ironman which we all enjoyed.

Saturday I really did not feel like riding the exercise bike, so since the weather was so nice I decided to take a walk to the store to pickup some items. I decided to take the long router which is about 2 miles. It was a nice day for a walk and I enjoyed it, having not been walking too much this summer .vs. using the exercise bike.

After I returned from the store and made a small pot of pasta sauce with pepperoni and meatballs. After dinner I made a sausage and pepperoni sandwich) I decided to do the walk again which turned out to be a mistake; about halfway through my right foot started hurting and by the time I returned home I had the beginnings of a blister. Sunday my legs hurt as well, a lesson that 7.5 miles on the exercise bike is not as strenuous on the legs as a four mile walk. I think the exercise bike burns up a lot more calories though based on the amount I sweat as opposed to the walk.

The X had some issues with Danielle over the weekend, to simplify she is using IM and texting way too much. We will have to deal with this going forward. I have felt that the X giving her a phone with unlimited text messaging was a major mistake.

Note: I Did NOT touch the Vista Issue this weekend!


David Louis Harter said...


Vista is out there...waiting...watching...

- David

Bev from PA said...

Not surprising you got blister from four miles walking. I've started walking again. Had been able to walk five miles no problem ten years back. Now I started with less than two miles & get cramps. Must stop for stretching - and breathing, too:) Have been psyching myself up for using bike again. Between that and walking should get enough exercise. I must brag here I've lost over 25 pounds in five months just by keeping a food journal.

Chris said...

David - Microsoft is out there too....ignoring...delaying....procrastinating on my open support call that has now been open a full week.

Chris said...

Bev - It is most impressive you have lost 25 pounds!

Last summer I was walking five miles sometimes twice a weekend (sat/sun)

I plan to do one of the two mile walks this weekend, maybe tomorrow, and not do two of them aback to back. We'll see how my foot is after that.