Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kid Moment of the Day!

I call today's Kid moment of the Day! "What planet is my son on???"

So, last night around 8 PM I was shopping at Forest Hills Foods. I heard a bunch of voices a couple of aisles over but though nothing of it. I turned into the main aisle that runs the whole width of the store and there at the other end approaching my with two of his friends is my 19 year old son Chris. He's looking in my direction the whole time we are approaching each other but as we got closer and finally passed he did not even notice me. I whirled around and smacked him on his back and, quite startled, he turned around to see who had hit him.

I waved, smiled, and he said "Oh Hi Dad!" and went on his way.

I just thought it was funny, I wonder of there had been fire, or broken glass, or a slavering dog in his path would he have seen them???


Bev from PA said...

ROTFLMAO - This is too funny. Can't say I've ever done this one. He certainly was on a mission with a purpose and focused. May he find that trait useful in life.

Still smiling.

Chris said...

Bev - He mailed me about this, I think he thought I was annoyed by his missing me in the store but I assured him I was merely amused. In fact, I still am!