Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back to Work

Well. several cans of Diet Coke with Bacon later I was well enough to come into work this morning. Though if Tails had not taken my RSA SecurID Token and dropped it down the furnace vent, I would have worked from home today. Over the weekend I had logged in, and then when I stood up I dropped the token. Tails, hearing it hit the floor came out of nowhere and started batting it around the wood floors. Thinking nothing of this I took my time closing in on her until it came to rest, tapped, between two slats of the vent leading down to the furnace!

Have you ever tried to race a cat! YOU WILL LOSE! She pounced at it and slammed it through. For a few seconds I head plunk plunk plunking noises as it fell, then a noise that sounded suspiciously like RSA SecurID Token meets spinning furnace blower blades!

Tails thinks this is a toy!

Thanks Tails! I hope to have a new token in a few days. I could have worked from home gtoday uilt free after the past two days intestinal woes I encountered. I was so sick yesterday, when the parts for my new computer arrived it was all I could do to put the box on the dining room table. There it sits, unopened, and I do not envision working on it this evening either!

Scott made my day Tuesday, he offered to come over and keep me company, but as I was spending way too much time in the bathroom, I declined, though I told him yesterday how much I appreciated it. Tails did keep me company though, napping on me most of the day as I tried to rest and recuperate. To her credit she did not take and drop my keys down the furnace vent!

Other than that Sunday two Sundays ago the weather has returned to cold and nasty. Some areas near hear are seeing much lake effect snow, but we are not, though it is barely 20 and it will be even colder tomorrow through the week end. next chance for temps above freezing is next week.


David Louis Harter said...


Great Scott! The tale of tails dropping your secure ID down the furnace vent gives me cause to wonder whether this was a conscious act or simply an accident. Be cautious!

- David

Chris said...

David, now you've made me wonder as well!