Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

The temperature was a little bit warmer this morning, in the 20's already and it did go above freezing, making it to about 35 for the first time in weeks. There was some melting of snow and ice, but at the end of the day the roof that overhangs the front door looked just as heavily encased in ice as it did the day before!

I got up late (for me) around 9 AM, and feeling well enough for the first time in three days, was able to do my usual work out on the exercise bike. This was preceded by mundane things such as laundry and house cleaning.

Not having the kids (did I mention this on yesterday's post) I thought I was going to have a quit day. Just before I got on the exercise bike at 11:30, the phone rang and it was Scott, wanting to know if he and some friends could come over to play Left 4 dead at noon.

Speaking of Scott he quit his job at Meijer today. He had been out a couple of weekends ago for two days and his mom had called him in sick. Two weeks alter they give him grief saying it was an unexcused absence since he did not talk to anyone, not that anyone told his mom this was needed, and told him Saturday night he had to work for free! He punched out and went home and Sunday he resigned.

Anyway, back to the Scott and friends coming over issue I told him they would have to wait until 1 PM and did my exercise and finished cleaning up the kitchen as I cooled down. Just as I was heading into the shower his friends arrived.

They stayed until around 5 PM and I had fun while we were playing Left 4 Dead. Tails and I spent the (deja vu!) rest of the day watching TV including the Superbowl which was quite the game. The commercials were all pretty good too!


David Louis Harter said...


We forgot to watch the game. We generally watch it to see the commercials. We forgot. From what I saw of the commercials online, we did not miss much.

- David

Barry said...

Meijer told Scott he'd have to work for free??? That sounds like a MAJOR workforce violation!! Yesterday I electronically signed my semi-annual compliance statement -- I'm not allowed to give an approval even if I'm walking by if I'm off the clock.

With the economy being as it is bad time for Scott to quit, but OTOH he's young and 'cheap labour' for those who are hiring.

Chris said...

David - There were a few decent commercials though I agree previous years have been better. I really identified with the one for!

Chris said...

Barry - Yea, but I have a feeling it was said on the side to him by an ass of a supervisor....

He's better off, at least he won't be so tired and he won't be out in the freezing cold and snow policing the parking lot!