Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Doctor Johnny Fever of WKRP

My friend Steve was the first to have the correct answer for the original celebrity wearer of the Black Death T-Shirt I was sporting in my post entitled "Who can it be now?". Thanks for playing!

Here's The Doctor resplendent in the original shirt he made famous...or infamous!


Bev from PA said...

I loved that show. We watched every episode over and over. Maybe I'll buy the DVD's like I did for Northern Exposure.

Chris said...

Bev - First off, Happy Valentine's Day my Friend!

I loved WKRP; one of the stations out here shows 2 episodes on Sundays but they are cut to pieces. I just won on eBay, for a mere $15, the first season of WKRP on DVD! I can't wait to have a WKRP marathon one weekend! Of course you, Dave, and Steve would be welcome to attend!