Sunday, February 08, 2009

The story of Danielle and the Little Blue Netbook

Once upon a time there was a young lady named Danielle Falco. Being 14 she was at that age where many things change. Overtly for example, she was no longer Daddy's Little Girl, though her Daddy knew that she still loved him very much, and he loved her with all his heart.

On the surface Danielle was tough as nails, sitting side by side with her Dad hour after hour slaughtering Zombies in Left 4 Dead. Many times she racked up more kills than he did which both impressed and made her Dad a little sad that his little girl possessed such ferocity! This certainly was not the little girl who used to sit on her bed and read to an assemblage of her stuffed animals!

Having gotten past her dark circle of friends on the internet, Danielle's Dad knew she wanted a better laptop. His old Sony VAIO Pentium III that he had given her was slower than slow, and it weighed a ton! She was not happy dragging this behemoth around and in fact it sat mainly idle in it's dusty carrying case.

So, last week he ordered her a shiny blue Acer Aspire One AOA150-1784 Netbook. And when it arrived a wonderful thing happened! He was reminded that, deep inside, she was still his little girl. When the package arrived and she saw the box she literally squealed with glee and smiled widely! The sun should have bean jealous of the radiance of her smile! She repeated this performance, acting very much the Daddy's little girl while he set the Netbook up for her. It did the Dad's heart good as he had not heard this sound in quite awhile and had doubted he would ever hear it again!

Now, she sits quietly next to him while he writes this story, totally enraptured with the little blue Netbook, enjoying it. While the Daddy is happy, he fears what would happen now if his hand got too close to the Netbook.....

Danielle's Little Blue Netbook


David Louis Harter said...


I eagerly await your review of this creature. I may need one for my own use.


Barry said...

... And the Princess finally dozed off, still clutching her prized possession!

Chris said...

David - I really love the Netbook, it is surprisingly fast for something this size and the large disk drive and GB of memory keep it spiffy, and the display is surprisingly good!

Were I not specing out parts for a new HTPC I would consider another one for myself!

Chris said...


The Princess only appeared to be fast asleep, as she growled malevolently when my hand got too close to the Little Blue Netbook!

Bev from PA said...

What a sweet well written saga. Smile & Sniff:)