Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chris is sick - day two

I conly worked hall a day yesterday, my stomach was a bit upset in the AM when I awoke, my 10AM it felt like I was being stabbed (or what I envision that would feel like!)

I came home, relaxed as much as I could, drank plenty of water, and 'communed' with porcelain many times over the course of the day into the evening. Tails of course kept me company sleeping on my chest as I got in some naps.

This morning I still feel pretty crappy but at least the pains have subsided and now I just have that general unwell feeling, headache, body ache, bit of a fever. I am also very, very, weak.

Normally on a day like this I would just work from home, but, over the weekend I dropped my security token which I need to login remotely with, and Tails thought it would be fun to bat it around and chase it.

Yea, it's always fun until your token falls down the vents leading to the furnace.......I should hopefully see a replacememnt later this week which would be good, so today I just took a sick day.

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